Saturday, March 2, 2013


DeBary, FL.

46 deg. clear, W. wind @ 8 mph.

Forecast = Partly cloudy. Highs around 61°F. Northwest wind 8 to 18 MPH, gusting to 29 MPH.
                  Tonight, Partly cloudy. Lows around 37°F. Wind chill around 29°F. West wind 8 to 16 MPH, gusting to 23 MPH.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

I knew that Thursday, Jim and Linda were going to head over to an RV Place, (LaMesa RV), near here to start looking for a Class C to take my place, but I never imagined that on their very first day of looking, they'd find one!!!!

Yep!!! You read that right!!!! I couldn't believe it either, but when they came back here, CLT (Cute Little Truck), told me that they had found an RV that they liked, taken it for quite a long ride, and was pretty sure that they'd made a deal on it!!!! I knew that they had been gone for quite a long time, just to look at RVs, but I never imagined that they would find a unit that they liked this soon!!!!.

You could have knocked me off of my jacks with a feather!!!!! : O

So, what kind of RV is it??? Well, I don't know a whole lot about it yet, just what I've overheard, but from what I can gather, it's a Class "C" 2006 Gulf Stream BT Cruiser with a Ford 450 chassis and the V10 engine. It's 27' long, has 2 slide-outs, and appears to have been used very little.

The RV had just been traded in and wasn't even cleaned up yet so Jim and Linda got to see it before the dealership did their "magic" on it to make it look nice. Both Jim and Linda said that it definitely needed cleaning, but nothing in or on it seemed to be excessively worn or abused. And, Jim said that when he took it out for a test drive on city streets, 2 lane roads and the Interstate, it handled very well and seemed quite stable for a Class C.

So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  when will the trade be made??? This coming Thursday, March 7th!!!!

Now, this brings us to a big change of plans for Jim and Linda!!! If you remember, they were scheduled to leave here this Thursday and they were going to head out to try to find an RV. Well, being that they've already found one, they have decided to stay here at Highbanks for an additional month, get the new RV all set up and ready for their summer travels and leave Florida on or about the 7th of April.

By this time, they should also have the house ready, and have most everything set for their return this fall.

Early yesterday afternoon, just as Jim and Linda were coming back from taking more "stuff" over to the house, Denny and Bev arrived here at Highbanks. Their Winnebago Brave is parked in a site just a short distance from me. Denny has been over here to see me and yesterday evening, Jim and Linda went over there and had a nice meal of Pizza with them. Then, after talking for a couple hours, Jim and Linda came back here and watched TV for awhile before heading to bed.

Both Jim and Linda said that it was really good to see them again, and are really glad that they were able to stop by for a couple days. : )

This morning, Denny is going to help Jim and Lindsey move Linda's recliner over to the house. Like I said, it's probably going to be quite a job to get it out of my door because even with the wooden legs taken off, and the chair turned on it's side, it's as wide as my door.

It came in through that door though, so they should be able to get it back out. ; )

Then, this afternoon, Jim and Linda will take Denny and Bev over to the house so they can see it. They are some of my faithful Blog followers, so they have some idea of what it looks like, but would like to see it in person.

OK!!! I know this post is getting quite long, but I have just one more thing I wanted to tell you about.

I think I may have found someone to take over this Blog!!! : )   It's still too early to tell for sure but I think I've convinced him to do it. I've agreed to help him get started and we have already gotten some of the intro and the layout of it set up. He hasn't totally agreed to to this yet, but I'm confident that with a little more help, I'll be able to convince him that he can do it and that it will be fun.

So,  ,  ,  ,  stay tuned!!! As soon as I'm sure that he's going to do this, I'll introduce him to you.

Did you know that yesterday was Jim and Linda's 28th wedding anniversary?


  1. Happy Anniversary Jim and Linda! We are at Lazy Days and I saw a Londonaire that made me think about y'all. The BTCruiser sounds very nice and it can be parked almost anywhere.

  2. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a celebration, to buy a new (to you) traveling companion :)

  4. So glad Jim and Linda were able to locate a Class C they liked so quickly. Tell them I hope they had a wonderful anniversary.

    Stay Safe

  5. Things are progressing rather rapidly now...... A big change for sure....

  6. Happy Anniversary Jim and Linda, hope you had a great day.
    Congratulations on your new (to you) Class C too!!!


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