Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few CG Photos, Ashley And Anna and Gram's

DeBary, FL.

Sunday, 11-11-12

Sunday was a really nice day with temperatures in the mid- 70's, fairly low humidity and just enough wind to keep the mosquitoes away. Since it was so nice, Jim took a few short rides on his bike and on one of those rides, he took his camera along and took a few photos of the park.

This first on is of the entrance to the park as you turn off of Highbanks Rd. Remember, you can click on these photos to enlarge them if you want to.

As you come through the entrance, you'll see the office off to your right. There was a 5th wheel sitting in front of the office when Jim took this photo, so he didn't get a real good photo of it.

A little past the office, you come to a small bridge. This photo is of the lake off to your right from the bridge. It's strictly catch and release and kids have a good time fishing here.

This is a view of the park just after crossing the bridge. There are many "park" model homes here and quite a  a few travel trailers that have been permanently placed on the sites with screen rooms or car ports built onto the sides of them.

From what I understand, Jim and Linda first stayed here about 15 years ago, and at that time there were a lot of junky RVs in the park, the park was run down, the staff couldn't care less about the campers and was not a good place to stay.

Since then, there have been many improvements. The junky units were removed from the park, the electricity has been up-graded, the sewer system revamped the management changed and 24 hour security people employed.

It's still an old park and the sites are quite small, but in general, is a very nice and friendly park to stay at. And, with security people roaming the park on golf carts 24 hours a day, it's very safe too.

OK, back to the photos.

As you travel down the street shown in the above photo you'll come to the very nice Clubhouse on the right. It's very nice and they have all kinds of activities there including potluck dinners, breakfasts, ice cream socials and holiday dinners. There's also a game room in the clubhouse and a very nice laundry.

One street past the clubhouse, you'll come to the side street that I'm on. There's a permanent unit on the corner and I'm right next to it. As I said, the sites here are quite small, but Mike and Anne. (Mike is one of the security people), who live in the permanent unit are very nice and the folks in the 5th wheel to my right are also nice

It a quiet park with quite a few activities. Most of the people are very friendly and have been coming here for years. Some stay here year round but I'd guess that probably about 75% of the people just spend the winter months here.

After dinner Sunday evening, Laura, Ashley and Anna stopped by for awhile. It sure was good to see them again. They stayed and visited for a couple hours and then headed back Laura's as both Laura and Ashley had to work on Monday.

Monday, 11-12-13

Not a whole lot happened yesterday. Linda did some embroidery work and worked on her Family Tree Program, Linda has some sewing projects she wants to complete for Christmas presents so Jim got out the extra leaf for my kitchen table and after cleaning it and the table, installed the leaf so that Linda will have a larger work space for her sewing machine. Jim also took a few short rides on his bike, talked to the neighbors and took a nap in the afternoon. ; )

For dinner they headed over to Gram's Kitchen in Orange City. Both Jim and Linda said that it felt just like they had just been there a week or so ago instead of about 9 months. The same waitress waited on them and the food was excellent as usual. : )  

Did you know that November is "National Pomegranate Month"?

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  1. Well Emrys, it looks like a nice park to call home for the next few months. Y'all lay back, relax, and enjoy the quiet life. This will allow the old pocketbook to heal a little bit plus give Jim time to catch up on any outstanding maintenance items. It sounds like Jim, Linda, and CLT will keep busy enough with all the activities in and around the park.


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