Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dinner With Mark And Zelina

Rantoul, IL.

55 deg. clear, SW wind @ 8 mph.

Forecast = high temp. 75 deg. partly cloudy, W. winds @ 5 to 15 mph.

Jim and Linda did some cleaning inside of me yesterday, but other than that and quick trip to the post office to pick up their mail and to pick up a few things at Walgreen's, not much happened during the day.

Awhile back, Linda had discovered, through her ancestry research that one of her cousin's sons is living right here in Rantoul!  So, the other day, Linda called him and made arrangements to get together for dinner at Monical's Pizza.

Linda had not seen Mark since he was a boy, so when he and his wife, Zelina, walked into the restaurant, she didn't even recognize them. But, they found each other and both Jim and Linda said that they had a great visit. And in fact, plans were tentatively made to get together again if possible next year when we come back to this area.   ; )

It was after 8:00 by the time Jim and Linda returned here to the CG. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and playing around with the computers.

Today, I think Jim is going to continue getting me and CLT ready to travel. Both of us need the air pressure in our tires checked and Jim needs to clean, check and lube CLT's tow bar. Also, he'll need to go through all of my basement compartments to make sure everything is secure and won't be rattling around down there while we're traveling.

Did you know that about 3 billion pizzas are sold each year in the U.S?

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  1. How cool to discover a relative living right there in Rantoul!

    We do our part to help out that pizza tally. :-)


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