Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Weather and Prescription Refill Day

DeBary, FL.

35 deg. clear, light westerly breeze.

Forecast = Clear. High of 61F. Winds from the NW at 5 to 15 mph.

Wow!!!! That cold front that came through here yesterday sure changed the weather here in DeBary and most of Florida. The temperature right now  is 35 degrees and it's only supposed to get up to the low 60's during the day today!!

That's a long way from the 80 deg temperature that we had just 2 days ago.

Yesterday was prescription re-fill day again, so Jim and Linda headed over to Walgreen's about 11:00.  They were pretty busy so rather than wait, they decided to go back to pick them up later. About 1:30 they got a phone call from Walgreen's saying that the prescriptions were ready, but they could only do a partial re-fill on one of them.

Well, this has happened before, so Jim and Linda headed over there and picked up what they had ready. I really don't understand why there's always a problem with that one prescription. It's a common medication, but they never seem to have enough in stock to completely fill it. : (

It's really not a big deal though as Walgreen's is only about a mile and a half from here and is very easy to get to.

After picking up the prescriptions, Jim took CLT to a gas station and bought him a drink of 87 octane. It had been about a month since he had a drink and was getting pretty thirsty. ; )

Not a whole lot else happened yesterday. Jim and Linda headed over to Arby's for dinner, then they came back here and watched TV until bedtime.

Don't know of anything special happening today. Linda needs to get a few things ready to take to Marv and Inez's for dinner tomorrow but I don't think Jim has anything planned for today.

Did you know that  "It's a Wonderful Life" appears on TV more often than any other holiday movie?

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  1. George has the same problem at Walmart with one of his prescriptions. They never seem to have the 'whole' prescription to fill. I guess keeping inventory for things isn't cost effective. It is a pain though! Merry Christmas to you and Linda!


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