Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello, I'm Emrys

Hello, my name is Emrys.

I'm a 2000 Newmar London Aire Motor Home. I'm 45' long, have 2 slide-outs and a large Cummins engine.

I'm new to this posting thing, but Myrddin, my predecessor, told me that if I just take my time and start out slow, it'll all work out. I know this blog looks pretty rough righ now, but I'm hoping to refine it in days to come.

Well, it may take me a little longer than that. :>)

I know that some of you are wondering about my name. It’s not a common name so many of you probbably are not familiar with it at all.

The name Emrys,  (pronounced Em ris), is of Celtic (Ancient Welsh) origin. It means “of the light,” “divine,” and “immortal.”  It refers to the ancient Welsh (Celtic) god of light and the truth. “The truth” is because of the fact that when the light shines on anything the truth is revealed. 

I hope you'll follow along as I take Jim and Linda to destinations across this country.

I guess that's all for my first posst. I'm just sitting here at the CG in Rantoul while Jim, Linda and I all get used to one another.  Thanks for reading this.


  1. Emrys, Welcome to our rvers bloggers family. We'll look forward to following your journeys with Jim and Linda.

  2. Welcome Emrys!!! Good luck in all your travels with Jim and Linda. We all look forward to reading about your adventures and hope to meet up with you and Linda and Jim soon.

  3. Hope to meet you down the road, Emrys! :)

  4. You're blog will be fine. Myriddin will give you tips, I'm sure :)

  5. Welcome to blogging Emrys. The next few days will be an exciting time for you and your new owners. Jim and Linda are good folks so take care of them. Hope to see ya down the road!


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