Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Worried, Problems and A Few Pictures

Rantoul, IL.

72 deg. clear, SE wind @ 7 mph.

Forecast, Showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs in the mid 80s. South winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.

Oh! No!!!!! I'm worried!!!!!! Yesterday I was wondering if anything important would happen for me to write about, and now I wish there wasn't!!!  : (

 First of all, there's a problem with my main awning!! You can put it out but when you want to retract it, it stops and you have to wait for awhile before you can retract it some more and then it stops again!!! Second, my Aqua Hot furnace has developed an anti-freeze leak. Third, when Jim went to dump my tanks, he took off the sewer cap and got a handful of sewage water, and then when he went to flush the black water tank, water squirted all over the place!!!! Then, to top it off, Jim fell down my entry steps!!!! I don't think he hurt himself too bad, (mostly his left leg), but I think he's going to be sore this morning. : ( 

What I'm worried about is that if I'm having these problems and I already caused Jim to get hurt, will they want to keep me? I heard Jim talking to Steve, (the foreman at R & S where they bought me), on the phone and they're taking me back there tomorrow.

I'll bet Myrddin is still there and they just might put all their belongings back in him and leave me there!!!! Then what would I do? Once an RV gets "tagged" as a "lemon" or a "bad luck RV", they just set on the dealers lots for years and years until the dealer finally sells them as junk!!!!

I know!! I've seen it happen!!!!

Oh, No, What am I going to do???????

I was going to show you a few pictures of me that Jim had taken, but now I don't know if I should or not. But, I guess I might as well. : (

This is of me sitting in site #5 here at Prairie Pines Campground

This second picture shows my 2 slides on my left side. The front one has the couch, stove and sink it it, so it's pretty big and extends about 18"  The rear slide has the head of the bed in it, and extends about 24"
Jim and Linda have both been working on organizing their things. Linda spent most of the afternoon yesterday going through old papers and documents and Jim worked some more on the things in my basement. Then for dinner they went to Monical's Pizza.
I sure hope today goes better than yesterday, I"m not getting off to a very good start. : (

A Point to Ponder : Grandmas are just ancient little girls.


  1. Two weeks ago I fell off my brothers RV steps and ended up with a black and well, that's all the describing of that for now. :) It's getting better. Funny how those damned steps seem to not be there for my foot to step onto!

    As for the problems with the new rig, from what I can gather this is the norm. I'm still working on the issues with ours and it's been nearly a year! Of course I am not living in mine and many of the issues in ours was caused by the dealer we bought from.

    Hopefully they can resolve the issues so you can enjoy a truly beautiful motor-home. It really is a looker for sure.

    Good luck,




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