Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Pretty Day and Something To Watch Out For

Moncure, NC.

40 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Patchy frost this morning. Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. Northeast winds around 5 mph.

Yesterday turned out to be a very pretty day, but a cool one. It never got out of the 60's and there was a light breeze blowing, so it felt nice if you were in the sun and out of the wind, but cool if you were in the shade where the wind was blowing.

By the forecast, today should be much the same.

About 3:00 yesterday afternoon, CLT took Jim and Linda over to a shopping center in Apex. Linda was looking for some books for the grand kids, and Jim wanted to pick up some fluorescent bulbs for me. Then, because it was getting close to dinner time, they stopped at a Chilli's Restaurant and had something to eat before coming back here to the park.

I had kind of forgotten about something that CLT brought to my attention when he got back yesterday. I've noticed a lot of them lately and I thought you might want to be on the watch for them.

What is it? 

It's the "Weekend Trucker"!!!  You know what I'm talking about. It's the guy that has never driven anything bigger than a compact car who goes out and rents a U-Haul or other brand of truck for one or both days of the weekend. All of a sudden he thinks he's in a "big rig" and everyone else has to watch out for him. He blasts down the road with no idea how long it would take him to get that truck stopped if someone pulled out in front of him, he swings around the corners, either taking up multiple lanes, or running over the curb, and tries to "bully" his way when merging into traffic. Oh, and where does he park his "big rig" truck??? Anywhere he wants to because he's bigger than everyone else and they can just see how they can get around him!!

He's a "Weekend Trucker"!!!!

Now don't get me wrong, not everyone who rents a truck is like this, but I'm sure you've seen the type I'm talking about. Many renters are very careful and realize that they are driving a larger vehicle than they're used to, and I've no problem with them.

OK, enough jabbering about that!

Tomorrow Mike, Gina, Brenna Savanna and Dillon are planning on coming out here to the RV Park to see me. So, I'm hoping that today, Jim and Linda will do a little cleaning and straightening up of stuff in me so I can make a good first impression on them when they come. I don't need too much work but I have noticed some dust and my floors need a good cleaning.

Oh, and my "little room" needs some attention too. ; )

One more thing. Dave, (one of the Illinois Bunch), who had heart surgery is home from the hospital and seems to be doing well. He sent an e-mail to Jim the other day and he said that there were some problems while he was in the hospital, but everything seems to be OK now. Also, the doctors seem to think that if everything goes according to plan, he and Dee Dee should be able to head down to Florida as scheduled.

That's really good news!! ; )   Take care, Dave.

Did you know that North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation?

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  1. Pa talked with HWH and they said my slide problem wasn't serious. Probably a loose or bad electrical connection. Pa moved some wires, took some fuses out and put them back and now my slides are working. I hope it doesn't happen again,I can't drive very far with my slides out.


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