Friday, April 13, 2012

Big Rigs

Kingsburg, CA.

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I've been sitting here thinking.  Yep, I know, it's dangerous when I start thinking, but I did it anyway. ; )

What I've been thinking about is "big rigs".  I'm wondering just what a "big rig" is?

To the guy in the little pop-up trailer, a 25' trailer or MH may seem like a big rig. The people in the 25' RV may think that a 30 or 35 foot RV is a big rig. And yes, the family in the 35' RV may think that the 40' MH parked next to them is a big rig.

Now, I'm 45' long and so I'm pretty sure that I'm considered a "big rig", but who decides what a "big rig" really is? The CG directories say which RV Park or CG is suitable for "big rigs", the web site that Jim uses to see reviews of parks specifies which parks "big rigs" can get into, but who decides, and what size RV is actually a "big rig"?

Now, I know I'm not alone trying to figure this out. In fact, I know of an instance where a lady called ahead to an RV park to find out if they could get in with their "big rig". When they got there, their MH was less than 35' in length and they were not pulling a toad!!

But, to her, their rig was a "big rig".

Now, the reason I started thinking about this is when it says in the CG directory or review that a park is OK for "big rigs", are they talking about the 35' MH, the 40' MH or me at 45'? Can I get into any park that says that it's "Big Rig" friendly?

I seriously doubt it.

So, what do you think? Is your 35' MH a "big rig? Or, how about you with your 35' 5th wheel pulled by a medium duty truck. Is your rig a "big rig"?

Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!  ; )

Did you know that the bark on a Sequoia tree can be as much as 31 inches thick?


  1. I think of anything 35' or longer with slides as a "big rig". I can certainly tell the difference between our 33' footer with two slides and our 40' footer with four slides. Much roomier but not as easy to park.

  2. Many commercial RV parks were designed before RVs had slides and were longer than Syl's estimate of 35 feet. So older CGs have trouble with our rigs. Ours is 38 ft long and has 4 slides. In most cases we can't even consider a state park or many of the older camping venues. I'm certain that at 45 feet you are very limited to spots.

  3. It took me three times to get thru the word puzzle. Most of us have turned that darned thing off. Have to use the old dashboard settings to get it done. Many folks won't post comments when they run into the puzzle.

    1. Rod and Loyce, I think I've got that work puzzle turned off now.

      Thanks everyone for the comments.


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