Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Forgot, An Un-Dissapointment and Craby

Crescent City, CA.

45 deg. clear, no wind

Forecast = Partly cloudy in the morning, then mostly cloudy. High of 57F. Breezy. Winds from the NNW at 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 40%

Boy!!!! Did I ever blow it yesterday. I forgot one of the highlights of the day!!!   OK, it may not be real exciting, but Jim and Linda really enjoyed it.

When Jim paid for 3 more nights here at the Shoreline RV Park and Campground he asked the CG host if there was a restaurant in the area that he would recommend. Without hesitation, he said  "The Chart Room Restaurant" . So, about 5:00 they headed over there to see of they could get some Seafood for dinner.

Well, as far as Jim and Linda are concerned, it was great!!!! Jim had a coup of clam chowder and then their "Famous Fish-N-Chips" and Linda had the Shrimp and Chips. They both thought the food was excellent, the service was very good and the view out over the bay was super!!!

As you can probably tell, they really liked it!!! ; ) 

Oh, and the sea lions over by the restaurant liked the dock too!! : )
Now, for yesterday's activities.

It was sometime in the morning when Jim was outside that he talked to Ed, (My neighbor who's RV you saw in yesterday's post), and mentioned that they tried to take that scenic drive through the Jedediah Smith State Park, but couldn't because the road was closed. Well, Ed said that he and his wife had just been to the other end of the road and it was open far enough that you could go at least as far as Stout Grove, and that's where most of the biggest trees are at.

So , , , , ,after grabbing an early bite to eat for lunch, they took CLT and headed to the other end of the scenic road and enter the Redwood forest from there!!! : )

The photos below are of the 1 lane gravel road running through the forest. CLT says that there are a lot of wide spots where you can pass another vehicle, should you meet one.

The photo below shows how large the trees actually are. That's a full-sized SUV coming toward you.

CLT waiting in a parking area while Jim took a few photos.

Photos, like this neat mountain stream.

The Smith River also runs through the park, and CLT says, "Yes, the water really is that color"!!

It was around 2:00 by the time CLT brought them back here to the CG, and from what I overheard, they really enjoyed their excursion. : )

Oh, one more thing. During the day yesterday, the man from the RV, (kind of behind me), knocked on my door and brought Jim and Linda 4 nice sized crabs that he had caught with his crab nets. Jim had been talking to him the other day, and he had asked Jim if he and Linda liked crab? Well to make a long story shorter, yesterday he went out crabbing and caught a whole bunch, so he brought some over here. All cleaned and everything!!!

Wasn't that nice of him?

Linda had never cooked crab before, but the man told her how to do it. So for dinner, Jim and Linda had crab!!! Both of them really enjoyed it and today, Jim will be going over there to return the man's pot and thank him again for giving them the crabs.

You meet the nicest people in Campgrounds and RV Parks!!!! ; )

Did you know that the Coast Redwood Tree grows from a seed that is about the size of a tomato seed?


  1. Lovely day in the trees and a free crab dinner to boot! You do meet the nicest people!

  2. Loved your pictures of the Redwoods! It'a an area we are looking forward to exploring one day. Thanks!

  3. Yes you do meet the nicest people in RV parks, even friendly ones who are not "crabby". ;c)

  4. We just love the redwoods. Nice pictures! Very nice of your neighbor to share crabs with you.

  5. The sunning seals were neat but I love those BIG trees!


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