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In yesterday's "Did You Know", I said that I had been with Jim and Linda for a whole year already. Well, I got thinking about that and decided that I would reminisce a little about our first year together.

Our time together didn't start out too well. Right off of the bat, I had starter problems that turned out to be wire problems. After that, it was awning problems, generator problems, leveler problems, slide-out problems and furnace problems, just to name the worst of them.  : ( 

The starter/wiring problem was found and repaired while we were still in Rantoul but the Generator problem had to wait until we got to Sioux Falls where Jim found an Onan place to repair it. Also while in Souix Falls, I got my license plates and Jim and Linda got their drivers license renewed. Once back in Rantoul, more problems started showing up, so the decision was made to head down to FL to Myrddin's mechanic to get as much repaired as possible by someone both Jim and Linda could trust.

Going back to the Dealer in Illinois where Jim and Linda bought me was not an option because by this time they had found out that they had lied to them, patched me together just to get me out of the door, and not done some of the work they had promised to do. : (

Once we made it down to Florida and spend big $$$$ on me, my problems were solved and I even got a new set of tires!!! 

Then we were off to North Carolina where I met Mike and his family, to Virginia Beach where I met Joe and his family, back down to Florida, (where I met Laura and her family), and where we spent most of the winter and I had some more repair work done at the mechanic. Then, after meeting some of Jim and Linda's friends we left for the West Coast in February!!!

By this time, Jim had gained some confidence in me and wasn't too worried that I'd have serious problems out on the road.

Basically our trip went pretty well. I had a fuel leak in Texas that was repaired, entrance steps repaired in Oregon and except for rear jack that is slightly leaking and an awning that doesn't always want to work, have not had any other serious problems!!  : )

Knock on wood!!!!!

In Oregon, I met Jeff and his friend Heather before starting our return trip back East.

I didn't realize it then, but we were in Jamestown ND and it was Father's Day when our one year anniversary came around. Evidently, Jim and Linda didn't think if it either or I'm sure they would have said something.

Just for the record, as of the 17th of June, I had traveled 9,715 miles with Jim and Linda and I had been to 25 different states.

Along the way, I've seen the plains of the Midwest, the smoky mountains, the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the tropics of Florida, the swamps of the deep south, the high plains and deserts of the Southwest and West, Death Valley, the Sequoias and Redwoods in California, the shores of the Pacific Ocean along California and Oregon coasts, the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, the Big Skies of Montana and the forests and lakes of the North Central U.S.

All of it beautiful in it's own way!

I've met some of Jim and Linda's friends along the way, stayed in some very interesting and some not so interesting Campgrounds and traveled on everything from gravel roads to multi-lane highways.

It's been quite a ride!!! : )

Now, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you that have followed this Blog for the last year. It's been a learning experience for me and I know that some of the posts haven't been too interesting, but you've stuck with me anyway.

Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

A Point to Ponder : It takes both sunshine and rain to make a rainbow.

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  1. That's quite a list of repairs to make you gooder than new. Good luck in the next year on the road, may you have many happy, trouble free miles.


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