Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Little Ride, Rosie and A Test

Rantoul, IL.

64 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = High temp. 98 deg. partly cloudy, S. wind @ 6 mph.

Jim took a bike ride early yesterday morning. He'll probably take one early this morning too,  so that he can get his ride in before it gets too hot.

Being that it was so warm, Jim stayed inside most of the day, (after about 11:00), and read blogs, watched TV and played around with the new GPS. He's now in the process of entering all the addresses into the new GPS, that he had saved in the old one.

Oh, I found out one interesting bit of information!  I found out that the lady who lives inside of the new GPS is named Rosie!! Rosie seems pretty nice and I'm sure she'll try to guide us to our destinations the best that she can. ; )

Linda called and made an appointment with her regular doctor yesterday. If everything goes well, all of the doctor's appointments will be taken care of during August and then we can leave here anytime we want to in September.

For dinner, Jim and Linda decided to head down to the Steak n' Shake Restaurant in Urbana. Even though they know how to get there, Jim decided to test Rosie and see if she could find the way. CLT said that she did a fine job and led them right to the restaurant and then right back here again. : )

Way to go, Rosie!!!!!  : )

After they came back from the restaurant, the evening was spent watching the Olympic games on TV.

Did you know that the first time the teams and competitors were representatives of countries and not of clubs or just individuals was in 1908?

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