Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lunch At Big Daddy's Grill and Marti Tickets

Summerdale, AL.

46 deg. clear, no wind.

forecast = Partly cloudy in the morning, then mostly cloudy with thunderstorms and rain showers. High of 72F. Winds from the SSE at 5-15 mph. Chance of rain 20%

A little before 1:00 yesterday, Darrell, Judy, Mike and Peggy pulled up in front of me in Mike and Peggy's car. After Jim talked to them for a minute, he and Linda got into CLT and followed them out of the park.

I didn't know it, but they had all made arrangements to go out to lunch at Big Daddy's Grill in Fairhope, AL. Actually, CLT said that without Mike and Peggy's car to follow, he doubts if he would have been able to find the place because it's out in the middle of nowhere and not anywhere near any other businesses.

Anyway, from what I heard, it's a great place to eat. They have a lot of seafood on their menu plus hamburgers and other kinds of food,. Darrell and Judy said that everything that they have had, has always been really good. : )

After a very good meal, (Linda had a hamburger and Jim had a fish basket special), and lots of good conversation with Darrell, Judy, Mike and Peggy, they headed back here, completely stuffed. ; )

When they returned to the park, Jim and Linda stopped at the office and bought some tickets so they could eat at someplace called Marti's. Now, I don't know what or where Marti's is, but from what I understand, these tickets are for meals that they will be serving from this Friday through next Tuesday.

Also, there's supposed to be a parade connected with this, a costume party, and even a crowning of a King and Queen!!!

Oh wait!!!!!! I just found out about that Marti's thing!!!! It's not "Marti's",  it's "Mardi Gras"!!!!!!

Yep, I've heard of that. I'm going to have to do some research on it, but I think it's some kind of Holiday that they have down here in this part of the country every year. From what I've learned so far is that some people believe the Holiday was brought to the U.S. by the French way back around 1700.

Hmmm!!! That's a long time ago!!! ; )

Did you know that Mardi Gras celebrations date back to ancient Roman times?

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