Friday, August 26, 2011

Before and After and More To Come

Rantoul. IL.

61 Deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Sunny. Highs in the mid 80s. Light north winds.

As promised, here are some pictures that Jim took here at the Campground. The first ones were taken this last weekend before any of the RVs started coming in for the Farm Show.

The main road in the CG.

Sites across the street from where I'm parked.

This is the street that runs along the West side of the CG and is behind me.

Another picture of that street.

The next pictures show what it is like here in the CG now, and when these were taken yesterday morning, there were still 30 more RVs scheduled to come into the park.

Sites across the road from me. Notice that the 5th wheels are parked back to back. One is hooked up to the 50amp circuit and the other one to the 30 amp circuit. A "Y" adapter is used on the water faucet and they take turns using the sewer connection.

More RV packed in. These are also 2 to a site but are parked side by side facing opposite directions.

These trailers parked behind these 5th wheels were used to bring golf carts and ATVs to the park.

Remember that empty street running along the West side of the CG? These RVs are all dry camping.

More dry camping

We even have a few tenters.

Looking down the main street of the CG

If you don't have a pick-up to haul your truck camper, Just load it on a flat-bed truck and come anyway. ; )

Speaking of RVs, there are all kinds here. All the way from Prevost Buses to pop-up campers to the tents.

Some of them are brand new but there are also older RVs like this classic Airstream MH.

The tractors that were in the "Tractor Ride" all went past here yesterday morning and Jim took some pictures of them as they passed by. I'll try to post some of them here tomorrow.

Oh, Linda called Joe in Virginia Beach last night. She wanted to talk to him before Irene hits the area. They've already got the windows boarded up and have put everything outside away.They're in the process of stocking up on water, food, extra batteries and all of the other stuff recommended. As of right now, the storm is fore-casted to pass right over Virginia Beach.

We're all hoping that the storm will turn and head out to sea before it gets up there.

Did you know that it was 1844 before the first mowing machine was patented?


  1. Thanks for the pictures, I think I'll go camping out in the middle of Kansas. Probably won't have to do two to a site out there......

    But I understand about the farm progress show, big deal in the Ag world.. We lived in Iowa for most of our life and would sometimes go when it was in our state.


  2. Wow, they sure packed those RVs in! I'm thinking it's a sardine show instead of a farm show... ;c)

  3. A little crowded but only temporary. It's getting very cloudy near Raleigh, NC right now.


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