Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zitttttttt!!!!! BOOM!!!!! and A Phone Call

Rantoul, IL

62 deg clear, NW wind @ 7 mph.

Forecast = Becoming partly sunny. Not as warm. Highs in the upper 70s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

Zittttttttt!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!

Wow!!!! That was exciting!!!!! About 8:30 or so yesterday morning there was a sound of electricity arcing and then a big bang!!! The sound came from the sub station that the electric company has just East of the park and after the noise stopped and the smoke cleared all the power in the CG was off!!

Jim was outside at the time and didn't even flinch! Come to find out, he had heard that same sound here before and knew exactly what had happened. (A transformer had blown).  That was not the case for the couple sitting outside in the site right across the street from me though. I think the lady almost had a heart attack!!!

So, Jim walked over and explained that this happens every once in awhile and that the repair men would soon be there and fix the problem. He also told her that the electricity would probably be back on in about an hour. The lady looked a little skeptical, but sure enough, in almost exactly an hour, the repairmen had come, repaired the problem and the power was back on. ; )

After the electric was back on, Jim asked Paul if he would help him get the rest of the totes and boxes out of the storage room in the bath house and bring them over to me. Paul said "sure" and hooked up the little trailer to the back of the ATV that they use to escort RVs to their site. Then he and Jim went over to the bath house, got all the stuff, brought it over to my site and unloaded it all onto the picnic table.

Then, Jim started unpacking boxes, condensing totes, bringing some boxes inside of me, and putting the totes and boxes into my basement compartments. Meanwhile, Linda was going through more boxes and totes inside of me,and putting stuff into cabinets,

By about 2:30 the picnic table was empty, the boxes from inside of me were empty and Jim was taking all the empty boxes and stuff to be thrown away down to the dumpster. : )

About 8:00 last night the phone rang and it was Mike and Terri Young. They are relatively new full-timers who Jim and Linda met at an RV Dreams Rallies a few years ago. They're going to be coming through this area today and called to make sure that we'll be here because they would like to stop by for a visit. Jim assured Mike that we'd be here and would love to have them stop by, so sometime this afternoon they should be here. : )

Mike didn't say how long they would be staying, but I'm hoping that it will be more than just one night. I really like meeting Jim and Linda's friends and their RVs. : )

This morning, Linda has to go get her blood test. CLT said that he just has to take over to Fisher, IL., which is only about 12 miles from here. It shouldn't take long and they should be back here by 11:00 or so. Then, I imagine they'll want to neaten me up a little so I look my best.

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  1. Sure glad you had room for all the stuff. Jim was concerned you might not and he would have a yard sale. Looking forward to seeing you in late September.


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