Monday, August 29, 2011

More Farm Show Pictures and Mike And Jodi Come For A Visit

Rantoul, IL.

63 deg. N. wind @ 8 mph.

Forecast - Sunny. Highs in the mid 80s. Light east winds.

They were doing field demonstrations in the field right next to the CG yesterday, so Jim walked over there a couple times and took some pictures.

These are a few of the pictures that Jim was able to get from the CG

This is an old single row picker that was picking the rows of corn right next to the fence.

A 4 row pull-behind picker

The 4 row picker going the other way and actually picking corn.

After the field was harvested it was time for the plowing demonstrations. This is a huge tractor that pulls a 15 bottom plow. Don't know how practical is actually is, but it brought a lot of attention.

Another picture of the huge tractor and it's plow.

This is the kind of tractor that Jim drove as a teen-ager when he worked out on the farms around Peotone during the summertime and after school. It's a Farmall model "M" tractor and was one of the most popular tractors in that area.

Back at the CG they were starting to load some of the tractors on trailers as this was the last day of the show and it was time to head back home or to another show. During the afternoon, I would guess that about 3/4 of the RVs here in the CG left. The show was over and it was time to head home or to their next destination.

Then, about 4:30 Mike and Jodi pulled up in front of me with their Motorcycle. You don't see too many cycles with side cars, so it was neat that they brought it here to show it to me. After they got their riding gear off, Jim brought them inside of me and gave them the "tour". They seemed to really like me and made some very nice comments. : )

After they talked for awhile, Jim fired up the grill and cooked some burgers and brats while Mike, Jodi and Linda brought the rest of the food out to the picnic table. Mike and Jodi brought some salad, and some beer and that along with chips, sweet corn and tomatoes made for a very nice meal.

After they finished eating they all came inside and talked for awhile. (The bugs were really bad outside). They hadn't seen each other for a whole year, but you would have never known it by the way the conversation picked up.

About 7:30 they had to leave because Mike had some things he needed to get done, so after h and h, (hugs and handshakes), they put on their riding gear and rode off on their Ural Motorcycle. : )

After they left, Jim and Linda were talking about how much they enjoyed having a meal and visiting with them. They're a really nice couple and I know I'm looking forward to seeing them again next year.

Oh, and guess what? Jim forgot to take any pictures of them so I looked back at last years photos and found this one of Mike and Jodi with their motorcycle. I'm pretty sure it was taken up in Michigan at the CG where Jim and Linda met them.


Not a whole lot planned for today, but tomorrow morning, both Jim and Linda have an appointment with Linda's eye doctor. He has an office down  in Champaign so it won't take CLT (Cute Little Truck), too long to get them there.

Oh, Joe called from Virginia Beach. They had lots of wind and rain, but no damage and everyone is OK. When he called, the power was still out but they have a good supply of flashlights and batteries so they should be all right. Needless to say, Linda was very relieved to hear from them. : )

Thanks for calling, Joe.

Did you know that 1954 was the first year more tractors were used on farms than horses and mules?

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