Thursday, August 11, 2011

Test Completed and Company Arrived

Rantoul, IL

55 deg. clear, no wind

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs around 80. Light northeast winds.

Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to the doctor's office in Fisher yesterday morning, got the blood test and then stopped at the Village Garden Restaurant to get something to eat. Then on the way back here, they stopped and bought some sweet corn from the farmer who sells it here in town before coming back here. Once back here they straightened  up the inside of me a little and Linda started getting things together for dinner.

About noon, Mike called and said that it would probably be about 5:00 by the time they got here so the afternoon was spent taking naps and getting a few more thing ready for dinner. Then, about 4:30 I heard Jim tell Linda, "They're here!" as he grabbed his hat and went out my door. In just a little while, Mark led Mike and  into site #3, (which is right next to me) and Terri drove their car into one of the parking spaces out by the road.

After they had their 5th wheel pretty much set up, Jim fired up the grill and Linda started getting the rest of the food ready inside of me on my stove and in my convection oven.

Jim cooked some steaks on the grill while Linda cooked a green bean casserole and fresh sweet corn on the cob inside. That, along with some french bread, Mellon and a butterscotch desert that Terri brought made for a very tasty meal.

At least everyone said that it all tasted really good. : )  

The evening was spent visiting until about 9:00 when everyone started getting tired. Jim was trying to talk Mike and Terri into staying another day, but they're really wanting to head up to Northern Illinois today so that they can go to an antique car show. They were still talking about staying longer when they left here though, so you never know.

A Point to Ponder : What does OK actually mean?

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