Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to Tuesday, Faircamping and A Partial Plan

Evansville, IN.

67 deg. clear, no wind

Forecast = Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Highs in the lower 70s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

I'm going to back up to Tuesday when we left Rantoul after finally getting my slide retracted.

We left Rantoul about 9:30 and the first thing Jim did was take me to an F S station in Rantoul and fill me up with diesel fuel. After I had my fill, we headed South on US 45 until we came to I-74 down by Champaign. Then we followed 74 East to Danville, IL, where we tuned South on IL Route 1. Rt 1 took us down to I-70 where we turned East and followed it into Indiana. A little ways into Indiana, we turned South on US 41 and followed it all the way down here to the Vanderburgh 4 H Fairgrounds.

The CG here is pretty nice, but it was filled up with RVs as they are having a craft show this weekend here at the fairgrounds. : (    But, Cindy, the nice lady in the office, arranged for me to be parked next to a small building in another section of the fairgrounds where there is a 30 amp electric connection and a water hydrant. : )

I'm kind of in the middle of a parking lot, but the electric is good, (119 volts), and the blacktop parking lot is level here where I'm parked. It's not the best place I've stayed at, but here in Evansville, you really don't have much else to choose from. And, for $18 a night, I can't complain too much. ; )

Yesterday, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to SMI to check the area out and to find exactly where they're located. CLT says that he was surprised at how small their parking lot is, since the one at their old location was much larger. He says that I could get in there OK, but he's not sure how I'd get turned around to head back out onto a busy 4 lane road.

Jim must have thought the same thing because I'm pretty sure that he's going to call SMI this morning to cancel the appointment and see if he can just purchase the kit and either try install it himself or have the mechanics install it when we get down to Florida.

Depending on how things go, we'll be leaving here sometime this morning. I don't know how far we'll get today, (it depends on when we'll be getting out of here.) There are a few campgrounds within a couple of hours of here, but if we decide go farther than that, we'd have to go quite a bit farther to find another one.

When Jim called Lester down in Florida he told Jim that he could get me in on the 3rd of October, so we actually have quite a bit of time to get down there. Jim has already made a trip plan and pretty much knows what roads we'll be taking down there.

 Now, if he can find CGs for me to stay at along that route, we'll be all set. ; )

Did you know that on May 15,2011, Evansville, IN was featured in an brief article in Newsweek called "America's Most Sleep-Deprived Places", as one of the top 10 towns for insomniacs?

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  1. I don't know what kind of slide topper you have but my slide did this exact thing back in March.

    The slide topper was making the slide jump because the gear stopped turning and as the slide was retracting it was shearing off the gear on the slide topper.

    You may want to go out and look at the gear and see if it's missing teeth or looks all beat up. If it is you can adjust from there.

    Good luck!



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