Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Here

Rantoul, IL.

50 deg. fog, no wind.

Forecast = Areas of dense fog early in the morning. Sunny. Highs in the upper 70s. South winds 5 to 10 mph.

Yep, we're still here. Jim made that phone call yesterday morning and changed the appointment.

I guess you're wondering what kind of appointment he could be making down in Evansville, Indiana?  Well, it's an appointment to have an SMI brake system installed on me and CLT. If you're not familiar with RVs and towing, this is a unit that will activate CLT's brakes when mine are activated. In other words, CLT will help both of us stop or slow down as we're traveling. It even has a break-a-way feature that will activate CLT's brakes in case he should ever become disconnected from me as we're traveling down the highway.

The appointment isn't until Thursday morning, but we'll start heading down there today.

Also, yesterday morning, Jim took CLT back to Corky's. If you remember they installed new belts on CLT's engine and the air conditioner belt wasn't quite tight enough and would squeal once in awhile when the compressor kicked on.  : (

They tightened the belt a little more and now CLT doesn't squeal anymore. ; )

Jim and Linda decided to go out for dinner, but before they went, they stopped over at Paul and Louise's RV to tell them we are leaving today and say good-by. Paul wasn't there, but they ended up inside, talking to Louise for about 1/2 hour. During the conversation, Jim and Linda mentioned that they were going to go down to Champaign to go out to eat. Well, Louise told them about a Montana Mike's Steakhouse that had recently opened down there, so after hugs, that's where they went.

Louise had said that the food was really good with reasonable prices, and by all accounts, she was right!! : ) Both Jim and Linda said the food and the service was very good and were pleased with the cost.

I don't know where I'll be tonight. Jim says that there's a CG on the way down to Evansville that they've stayed at before, but he doesn't know if they have any vacant sites. If we can't get in there, we'll probably go on down to the Evansville area where Jim has found a couple of parks that would work.

Did you know that it was on this date in 1973 that Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in a battle of the sexes tennis match?

I sure hope this fog lifts by the time we're ready to leave, It's really getting bad now!!! : (

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  1. Not sure where your appointment is, but the 4H Fairgrounds on Hwy 41 & Boonville New Harmony Road
    has a campground. It's located between Interstate 64 & Evansville city limits.
    Welcome to the area!


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