Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Traditions

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What are your traditions at Christmas? Do you wait until Christmas morning to exchange presents, or do you open all or some of them on Christmas Eve?

Do you go to someones house for Christmas or do they come to your home?

When you open presents, do they all get passed out first and then everyone opens them at once, or are the presents passed out one at a time and everyone waits until that present is opened before another present is opened? Or does everyone just gather around the tree and everyone opens them as they are found?

How about the traditional Christmas Dinner? Do you have a dinner with family, friends, or by yourselves? Or, do you even have a dinner?

For full-timers, living in an RV it's not always possible to be with family. Jim and Linda usually are able to be with Laura because she lives here in the South where it's warm, but there have been times when they've been traveling or in a different part of the country for the Holidays. Those holidays can be tough, but many RV parks have some kind of dinner or party and everyone is welcome.  And, with cell phones you can usually make contact with family and friends.

This will be my first Christmas with Jim and Linda and I'm curious to find out what their traditions are.

Jim and Linda took CLT and went to the Winn Dixie Grocery store yesterday. Then, they headed to a gas station and bought CLT a drink of 87 octane before heading back here to the park.

CLT said that the traffic was terrible and everyone was rushing around to try to get everything done before Christmas. He's hoping he doesn't have to go back out on the road until Christmas day.

Today, Linda will be putting together some food to take over to Laura's on Sunday. She bought some lunch meat, cheese, and summer sausage and is planning on baking some banana bread today too.

Did you know that the Christmas season begins at sundown on 24th December and lasts through sundown on 5th January? For that reason, this season is also known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Oh, I found this on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it. It's one of my favorite traditions for Christmas Eve. Twas The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. We pass one gift out at a time. We watch each person open the gift. We each get to "show-off" our gifts. It gives everyone a chance to personally say "Thank You!" Of course it takes us most of the day to open the gifts, but so much fun!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. We were always the hosts for a huge Christmas Eve buffet, and then had dinner for the family on Christmas Day....until this year! It really feels strange. But we are heading south as fast as we can, should arrive at Rainbow Springs tomorrow afternoon, and having Christmas dinner on Boxing day instead. Time for new traditions.


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