Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not Much New, More TV Mix and The LED Light For CLT

DeBary, FL.

62 deg. overcast, no wind.

Forecast = High temp. 80 deg. partly sunny, S. wind @ 10 to 15 mph with 25 mph gusts.

There's really nothing new going on here. Linda made some more TV mix yesterday, but she's not happy with the taste, so she said that she's going to try to "doctor" it up a little today. She also did a load of laundry while the TV mix was cooking.

Jim spent some time outside yesterday. The mosquitoes weren't too bad because there was a pretty good breeze blowing.

 If you remember, I told you that Jim bought a LED light when he went to the Truck center on Monday. Well, that light is to replace the light on the dash that comes on when CLT's brakes are applied by the SMI Air Force One braking system when I'm towing him and applying my brakes and his. It needs to be able to be seen by Jim to make sure CLT's brakes aren't being applied when we're just traveling down the road. The light that came with the Air Force One system wasn't bright enough so that he could see it on my rear view camera, so he's hoping this one will be brighter.

Well anyway, Jim found a place on CLT's dash that should work, made a few minor modifications to the LED light and figured out a way to attach it with Velcro. He still needs to get some wire to hook it up to the wires that were installed for the other light. He says that he's got some somewhere, he just has to find it. ; )

For dinner, Jim cooked a steak out on the grill, (that he and Linda shared), while Linda cooked some cauliflower inside on my stove and made some garlic bread out of some slices of regular bread.

Between the TV mix and the garlic bread, I smelled really good inside for most of the day!!! : )

Did you know that Christmas trees are known to have been popular in Germany as far back as the sixteenth century? In England, they became popular after Queen Victoria's husband Albert, who came from Germany, made a tree part of the celebrations at Windsor Castle. In the United States, the earliest known mention of a Christmas tree is in the diary of a German who settled in Pennsylvania.

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  1. Paul did the same thing with our brake light. It is right where he can see it and very bright. Isn't it nice when everything works?
    Merry Christmas


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