Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lakemont Ridge, Wally World and Pizza

Frostproof, FL.

61 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.

Forecast = Patchy fog early in the morning...then partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 80s. Southeast winds around 10 mph.

Roland came over yesterday morning and had coffee with Jim. At first, they stayed inside of me and talked because it ended up being foggy outside, but after awhile, the fog lifted and they went out an sat on the patio and talked.

After they had talked for awhile, they decided to take a walk and ended up out at the entrance of this park, where Jim took a couple photos.

The photo above is of the sign you see as you're driving down County Road 630.

As soon as you turn into the entrance, this is the view you have.

As you follow the road into the park, you will see the  new office/clubhouse on your right. Way to the left edge of this photo you can see a travel trailer parked in front of the office while the owner is inside registering.

From the office, if you look back towards the direction you had just come from, you'll see me and CLT parked on site #450. (That's the main road running along the side of me).

At first, I was concerned about being right next to the main road, but there's not that much traffic and what traffic there is doesn't cause any problems.

About 10:00, Roland went home for awhile. When he came back he and Jim took his car and headed to Wally World. Roland needed to get some groceries and other things, so Jim rode along and helped him shop.

After they were finished shopping, Roland dropped Jim off on the way back home.

Not much happened during the afternoon. Linda worked on her embroidery project, did a load of laundry and read some. Then, about 5:00 Roland and Louise stopped by and picked up Jim and Linda. Earlier in the day, they had decided to go to Pizza Hut for dinner.

After dinner and great conversation, they dropped Jim and Linda off on their way back home.

Another good day with very good friends. : )

Did you know that in 1889 and Italian tavern owner named Don Raffaele Esposito developed a pizza featuring tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil- ingredients bearing the colors of the Italian flag? He named it the Margherita Pizza, after the Queen of Italy, Margherita Teresa Giovanni. Thus, modern-day tomato-and-cheese pizza was born.

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