Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Mattress And Refrigerator Projects

DeBary, FL.

46 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast =  Mostly sunny. Areas of fog early in the morning. Highs in the upper 70s. Northeast winds around 5 mph becoming east in the afternoon.

Jim and Linda stripped the bed first thing yesterday morning and then Jim went to work installing the new control/pump unit on their Sleep Number mattress. It wasn't an especially difficult job but in an RV, doing something like that means you have to work in more confined spaces.

It didn't take long before he had the old unit out and the new one installed with the hoses neatly routed to the mattress.

While Jim was busy with that, Linda started the laundry and then cleaned out the refrigerator. It had been a long time since she had gone through it and sure enough, there were some items in there that, (well, lets just say), were not so good anymore. : O

After the mattress project, Jim took the "not so good anymore" items over to the dumpster and then talked to Allan, (The neighbor on my right side), for awhile. He and his wife, (I can't remember her name for sure, but I think it's Teresa), just returned from a trip up to Kentucky in their car, to be with family over the Holidays. He said it was pretty cold up there, and they even had some snow while they were there.

After the laundry was finished, and the bed remade, Jim took a little nap. ; )

The rest of the day was spent watching football and British Comedies on TV

Did you know that on this date in 1790, George Washington delivered the first State of the Union address?

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