Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Little Work, A Little Rain and A Little Visit

DeBary, FL.

48 deg. clear, light NW breeze.

Forecast = Partly sunny in the morning then becoming mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. North winds 5 to 10 mph becoming northeast in the afternoon.

It was sunny most of the morning here in DeBary yesterday, but in the afternoon, it started clouding up and then we had some rain later in the day.

Jim spent some of the day straightening up CLT's pick-up truck bed. After almost 2 months, everything in there had gotten scrambled around. That was OK, but now, there has to be room to put Jim's bicycle in there before we leave, so they had to be put back where they belonged.

While he was doing that, Linda was reading, watching some TV and working on a new embroidery project.

Like I said, in the afternoon it started to rain, so Jim took a little nap and did some reading too. Then, about 4:30, Laura stopped by to say "hi". She had been out to lunch with a friend of hers that she hadn't seen for quite awhile.

It sounded like she had a good time visiting and catching up on what her friend had been doing lately. : )

For dinner, Linda heated up a couple TV dinners and made some biscuits to have with them. Then, as usual, the evening was spent watching TV and reading.

A Point to Ponder : What is a male ladybug called?

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