Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Surprise and My New Filter Is Here

DeBary, FL.

41 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Sunny. Highs in the mid 70s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

After spending some time working on the computer, he got on the phone and called the Deland Truck Center to find out if that new engine air filter for me had come in. Well, Dennis, the parts manager said that it had come in and that Jim could come and pick it up anytime.

So, after lunch, Jim took CLT and headed over there. But, on the way, he stopped by an Office Max store to check on something he had been researching for quite awhile on the Internet.

It was a surprise but I guess I can tell you what it is now, because Jim has already given it to Linda.

It's a new "Family Tree Maker" program.

You see, Linda has become very frustrated with the old one she had been using. You may not remember, but the old one is a shareware program that is no longer being supported. Greg, the computer guy who Jim and Linda bought the new computer from, tried his best to get the old family tree program to run under Windows 7, but it just wasn't working, the latest problem being with trying to print out information once it was entered.

So, after Jim and Linda had talked about it, it was decided that the only way to really have access to the information was to get a new program and re-enter all the information.  : (   Now, this means a lot of work for Linda, but she enjoys doing family tree stuff, so it may not feel so much like work at all. : )

After doing the research and looking at reviews, Jim determined that this new program had the most features that Linda would like and was one of the easiest to use, so he thought he'd surprise her and buy it here before we started traveling.

 The new program hasn't been installed yet, but she's been reading the book that came with it, and is excited about all the features. : )

After stopping at Office Max, Jim went to the truck place and picked up the new air filter. I think he's going to install it today.

Laura stopped by for awhile again yesterday. She has to work all weekend, and knows that we'll be leaving on Monday, so she's been stopping by whenever she gets a little time.

Did you know that today is "International Fetish Day"?

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