Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Forward

DeBary, FL.

50 deg, clear, no wind.

Forecast  = High temp. 78 deg. mostly sunny, SW wind @ 5 to 10 mph.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

It seems that almost all of the people who write the blogs that I follow are talking about what has happened this past year. Well, I'd like to be different and talk about what I'm looking forward to in this New Year.

Oh yeah, I could talk about sitting in an RV lot for almost 1/2 of the year and then being purchased by Jim and Linda, but if you want to hear about what I've been doing since being purchased, all you have to do is to go back in my posts on this blog and read about it.

Instead of looking back, I prefer to look ahead and think about what may be happening to me this year.

This should be a very exciting year for me. Jim has a trip pretty well planned out for a trip out to Oregon and then back to Illinois. So far, our travels have been rushed. We were in a hurry to come down here to Florida to get some repair work done on me. Then we rushed up to NC, VA, and back down here so that we could get to DeBary by Thanksgiving.

When we leave here in about 3 weeks, our travels should be much more relaxed. First, the plan is to go and see Jim and Linda's friends, Roland and Louise, in Frostproof, FL. After a short visit with them, we'll head to Thonotosassa, FL. to join up with the "Illinois Bunch" ( Deny and Bev, Dave and Dee Dee, and Gordy and Dorthy).

After spending a week with them, we'll start wandering towards the West Coast.

Along the way, the plan is to stop by and see some of Jim and Linda's friends who are staying at RV parks on or near our route, see some sights, and slowly work our way to California.

Jim has always wanted to go to Death Valley but one thing or another always gotten in the way, so on this trip we're planning on making that a major stop. After Death Valley and as the weather warms, we'll slowly wander our way up to Portland, (hopefully along the California/Oregon Coast), to see Jeff and Heather, (Jim's son and his lady), who Jim and Linda haven't seen since 2008.

Being that Jim and Linda so seldom get to see Jeff and Heather, we'll probably stay in Portland for at least 3 weeks before starting to wander back to the Mid-West, getting back there sometime in July.

Now, this whole trip is going to be a learning experience for me. You see, my previous owner was always in a hurry to get from point A to point B and we'd cover a lot of miles each day. From what I understand, Jim and Linda don't travel that way. Instead, they don't get on the road until about 10:00, only travel about 150 miles a day and then every few days, stay for a couple of nights if the CG/RV Park is nice.

A much slower pace than I'm used to.

I also can't ever remember being all the way to the West Coast, so that will be a new experience for me. So, I'm really looking forward to this year. : )  It should be fun and exciting and I hope you'll enjoy reading all about our wanderings.

Oh, another thing. There may be a big change in this blog. Right now, I'm experimenting with a different Blog Host and the jury is still out whether I switch or not. I would imagine that in a week or so I'll know what I'm going to do, and I'll make sure that you're the first to know.

A Point to Ponder : Have you ever thought what life would be like if your name was Anonymous? You'd get credit for everything nobody wanted credit for.


  1. It's nice to remember the past but better to look to the future. It sounds like a great 2012 is ahead.

  2. I like your approach about looking forward.
    We are headed to Oregon this year also. We have never been there and are looking forward to it.
    I hope this year brings you a ton of fun and new experiences.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful plan for 2012.

    Happy New Year!


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