Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Big Change For Jim And Linda Part 2

DeBary, FL.

60 deg. overcast, no wind.

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In my last post, Jim and Linda had stopped at the Office of the Manufactured Home Park in DeBary.

Upon entering the office, they met Nancy, the Community Manager of the park. After talking to her for a little while and telling her what they were generally looking for in a home, she told them that she had a few that she thought they might like, and offered to show them to them.

Nancy showed Jim and Linda 4 different homes that day. 2 of them were single wide, (which Jim and Linda thought would be large enough for their purposes),  but soon realized that the storage in most single wide units was almost non existent. In fact, there was such a small amount of storage that they didn’t think that they’d even be able to find a place for the things that I’ve been carrying around.

The double wide units had much more storage room, but seemed way too big to them after living in an RV for 12 years. But, they pretty much decided that it was the way they needed to go.

Of the 2 double wide homes, one was much nicer than the other. It’s owned by an elderly lady who had lost her husband a year or so ago. Before he passed, they had done a lot of work on the home and since then, she has had even more work done.

After Christmas, and after thinking about the home over the Holiday, Jim and Linda decided that they wanted to go back and see the house again. So, on the 28th of  December, they called Nancy and made arrangements to go back and closely check it out.

After talking to Nancy for awhile about park regulations and other things about the park itself, they went over to the house.

The owner is a lady named Emily and she is in the process of packing up all her belongings and moving so that she is near where her daughter lives. She has a lot of items packed up already and it doesn’t look like it would take her too long to pack up the rest.

The home is an older home, (as are all of the homes in this community), but has been very well maintained and, like I said, has had a lot of work done on it.

The carpeting is fairly new, (less than 2 years), the flooring in the kitchen has just been replaced, there are new plumbing fixtures and sink basins in the bathrooms, the refrigerator is only about 2 years old, (as are the washer and drier), the steps leading into the kitchen have been replaced with wide and very sturdy steps with strong railings and the heat pump that heats and cools the house was replaced just this last spring.

Jim and Linda said that you can tell that the home was very well cared for and so far, only found a few small items that would need attention.

A Point to Ponder : Where in the nursery rhyme does it say humpty dumpty is an egg?

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  1. Sounds like a good deal. I hope you do a part 3 and part 4. There are so many unanswered questions.


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