Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Little Job and A Barcalounger For Jim

DeBary, FL.

63 deg. overcast, no wind.

Forecast = Partly cloudy with patchy fog. Highs around 82°F. South southeast wind 5 to 13 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 20%.

When Jim and Linda went over to the house yesterday morning, Jim took some tools along because he had a little job he wanted to do.

You see, the refrigerator doors opened from the left side of the refrigerator and that made it very unhandy to put food in and out as all the cabinets/ stove/sink are on the right side. So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  he took the doors off, reversed the hinges and handles and now the doors open from the right side.

Much handier.

After that little job, he patched some more nail holes in the walls while Linda put some things away that they had brought from inside of me. After finishing those tasks, they decided to head over to the used furniture store to see if they had any lamps that they could use, both in the living room and in the bedroom.

Well, they found some very nice lamps that they purchased, but while they were looking around Linda spotted a large recliner in between a bunch of other chairs and brought it to Jim's attention. It turned out to be a very nice leather Barcalounger that was actually very comfortable for Jim. You see, Jim is 6'4" tall and most of the recliners are too short for him.The biggest problem he has with most recliners is that the footrest catches him right in the middle of his calf's and causes his lower legs and feet to "fall asleep".

They also found a very nice chest of drawers that they purchased to be used for storage and to set the TV on. (When they get a TV).  ; )

Both of these large items will be delivered either Wednesday evening or sometime Thursday, after the living room is painted.

Again all of the items they purchased from the used furniture store were very reasonably priced. In fact because it is the end of the month, they are giving an additional 25% off of most items in the store.

Because they were both tired by this time, Jim and Linda stopped at the Lotus Garden Chinese Restaurant and picked up some food to bring back here to the park. Neither of them had eaten food from this restaurant before, but they both thought the food was quite good and will more than likely return in the future.

After eating, the rest of the evening was spent watching TV, napping, reading and just relaxing.

Did you know that Barcalounger has been producing recliners in America since the 1940's?

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  1. I see it coming........... after the big motorhome is traded away and Jim and Linda are living quietly in the new house....! Who's going to tell the blog story? In third person of course......? Will the house write the blog....? But it can't go along on travels....... And a new little motorhome will be in storage... Problems..............


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