Monday, January 7, 2013

A Big Change For Jim And Linda Part 3

DeBary, FL

52 deg. overcast, no wind.

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My last post had Jim and Linda checking out the double wide unit that had all the work done on it.

After much more discussion and thought, it was pretty much decided that this double wide would be right for their needs so Jim and Linda told Nancy, ( the Community Manager), that they would like to try to make a deal with Emily for the home.

So, they made an offer.

Now, at this time Emily was at her daughter’s house for the Holiday so it took awhile for her to get back to Nancy, but on Friday, the 4th of January, she called back and gave them her reply.

Now, Jim and Linda have a few more questions and concerns, but after even more conversation, checking on finances and other technicalities, it was decided that if their questions and concerns were answered, and they didn’t find any problems with the home after another viewing, either today or tomorrow, they would go ahead and accept Emily’s price.

So, as of right now, there have been no papers signed but unless something happens, it sure looks like Jim and Linda are going to do this.

I should know what’s going to be happening for sure in the next couple days.

A Point to Ponder : One nice thing about egotists: They don't talk about other people.


  1. We've been following along with the series and wish Jim and Linda luck and congratulations (hopefully it's not too early for that).

    We looked up DeBray on Google Maps and it looks like a great area with a lake near by and everything. Looks like the kind of "town" that would have concerts in the park and that sort of thing.

    We'll continue following along to see the progress as well as what kind of traveling that they will be doing in the future.

    May God Bless - - - - -

  2. Does this mean you won't be at the fish fry this year?

  3. I was surprised to read your news a couple days ago and have been following the announcement. I'm sure there's more information coming but wanted to wish you well in your new lifestyle. I hope we are able to enjoy as many years travelling as you and Linda before hanging up our keys. Will Emrys stay in the family?

  4. And the saga continues... Knowing Jim and Linda, I'm sure they have given this a lot of thought and are making the right choices for themselves. We wish them the best of luck as they transition into this next stage of life!

  5. That was my first thought.... What about the Ill Bunch??? But these things will sort themselves out tin due time.. Best of luck with this new adventure.!!!


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