Thursday, January 31, 2013

Painting and Thanks Laura And Lindsey

DeBary, FL.

56 deg. showers, W wind @ 7 mph.

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs around 63°F. North northwest wind 8 to 17 MPH, gusting to 24 MPH.

Jim and Linda headed over to the house yesterday morning to start getting things ready for painting the living room and hallway. About an hour after they arrived, Laura and Lindsey came and soon after, everyone was either masking or painting.

Jim did all of the masking, Lindsey and Linda painted the larger areas with rollers, Laura painted areas where the rollers couldn't reach with a brush, and then when Jim was done with the masking, he helped Laura.

By early afternoon, the living room and the hallway were painted and the clean-up process was begun.

Soon all the plastic protective floor covers were picked up, the old bed sheets used to cover the furniture were folded up, the tools and brushes cleaned and Laura and Lindsey were on their way back home.

It was so good of Laura and Lindsey to come over and help with the painting. It would have taken Jim and Linda a very long time to get this job done. Thank you so much!!!!!

After they left, Linda called the used furniture place and inquired about the delivery time of Jim's Barcalounger and the chest of drawers. The lady told her that they would be there a little after 5:00 so Jim and Linda decided to head over to Gram's Kitchen to get a bite to eat before they came.

As promised, the furniture arrived on time, and soon Jim and Linda were back on there way back here to the park. It was a long hard day for someone who is not used to working but it was very productive, (with the help of Laura and Lindsey), and Jim and Linda are really glad that the job is done.

Today, they will go back over there to remove the masking tape, stop in at the office to sign some papers and pay the lot rent for February. Hopefully, Jim will take some photos so I can post them here for all to see.  ; )

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  1. That was really nice of Laura and Lindsey to help out with the painting! We've done a LOT of painting over the years, and that's a job!!


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