Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Business and Some Photos

DeBary, FL.

36 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly sunny with patchy frost. Highs around 66°F. North northwest wind to 13 MPH.

Jim called Nancy, (the community manager over at Highland Country Estates), yesterday morning to find out what would be the best time for he and Linda to come over and take care of some business. She told him that she wouldn't be in the office for some of the afternoon, so around 11:00 would be the best time.

So, about 10:45 they headed over there.

Then, they went to the house and removed all the masking tape from the areas that were painted. After removing the tape and moving some of the furniture back to the walls, Jim got out his camera and took some pictures.

The light was coming in the window, so it made kind of a glare, but I think you can see the furniture that they bought OK. This first photo is of the couch, end tables, lamps and ottoman that they bought. (Can you tell the walls are painted light blue? )

This is Jim's leather Barcalounger and the love seat that matches the couch

This is the chair that came with the couch and love seat. It matches the ottoman that's in front of the couch. This chair is currently in the small bedroom that Linda will use for a sewing/craft room.

This is the chest of drawers that they purchased to put the TV on and it will also give them more storage. This chest appears to be fairly old and is made completely of solid wood, (no particle board).

This photo is of the Secretary that Linda fell in love with the first time that they went into the store. In fact it was purchased before Jim and Linda took possession of the house. This item also appears to be quite old and is very well made.

I have photos of more of the furniture that they've purchased, but I'll save them for another day.

Jim and Linda were back here at Highbanks by about 1:00. After relaxing for a while, both of them took naps. ; )  The rest of the day was spent watching TV, relaxing and resting their muscles that were still sore from all the painting.

Oh, Jim got an e-mail from Denny and Bev!! (part of the Illinois bunch), They're going to be able to spend a couple nights here at Highbanks around the 1st of March!!! That means that they'll be able to come and see me and also see Jim and Linda's new, (to them), double wide!!

Did you know that An early American reference to Groundhog Day can be found in a diary entry, dated February 4, 1841, of Berks County, Pennsylvania, storekeeper James Morris?


  1. I've been waiting,..... for you to tell me....

    But I'll just suggest it.........

    CLT is always going to be with you, or a younger brother......

    Is CLT a blogger.........?

    Maybe Emrys can give him lessons......


  2. Jim and Linda did well with those purchases -- especially the Secretary. Very nice!


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