Sunday, February 17, 2013

Starting To Make The Bedroom Curtains

DeBary, FL.

36 deg. clear, N. wind @ 10 mph.

Forecast = Today: Sunny. Highs around 55°F. North northwest wind 8 to 16 MPH, gusting to 22 MPH.
Tonight: Clear. Lows around 36°F. North northeast wind 2 to 7 MPH.

Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to the house yesterday morning. Being that every time that they go over there, they always want to take something that needs to be moved, they decided to take some extra clothes out of my closet.

When they got over there, Linda started making the bedroom curtains and Jim put the clothes in the closets. After that was done, Jim went out to the shed and proceeded to re-organize some of the items on the shelves and the bench. After finishing that project, he came inside and straightened up the Florida room and the kitchen.

Linda was making good progress on the curtains, so Jim sat down in his Barcalounger and fell asleep!! : )   By the time he woke up, Linda had finished the curtains for one window, so Jim helped her put them up.

It was about 3:00 by this time, so they headed back here.

Did you know that the first town to sponsor a public celebration of George Washington’s birthday was Richmond Virginia? (Even before he was president).

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