Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shopping, Moving and Company Coming

DeBary, FL.

47 deg. clear, NW wind @ 7 mph.

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs around 73°F. Northwest wind 9 to 15 MPH, gusting to 21 MPH.

Tuesday ended up being a grocery shopping day. That is, after the rain and storms finally cleared the area. We didn't have any storms here in DeBary, but it did rain quite hard for awhile.

While it was raining, Jim and Linda were going through drawers, cabinets and other storage places inside of me to further try to decide what stuff they still need to take to the house.

This has been one of the hardest parts of moving and downsizing RVs. If they leave too much inside of me, and there's not enough storage in a smaller RV that they purchase, then what do they do with those items? On the other hand, they need to be sure that they have enough along to be able to live comfortably for the next 2 or 3 weeks, or however long it takes to find an RV.

Yesterday, they took a whole bunch of stuff over to the house and put it away. Jim also loaded up his bike and took it over there so he wouldn't have it in the back of CLT. Then, after they returned and were resting/napping, Laura called and wanted to know it they'd like to meet over a Steak N Shake around 5:30 for dinner?

Well, again, that was a "no brainer", so around 5:15 they headed over there and had a nice visit with Laura and Lindsey while enjoying a sandwich. : )

Oh, do you remember that around the 1st of February I mentioned that Denny and Bev, (part of the Illinois Bunch), were going to stop by for a few nights? Well, tomorrow they'll be arriving here at Highbanks and will be staying for 2 nights!! They'll be coming in their Winnebago Brave but as of today, there's no sites empty real near me, so I may not be able to see him.  : (

I'm sure Jim and Linda will have a good time visiting with Denny and Bev though and they've already planned a Pizza dinner for tomorrow night. : )

It should be a fun time!!! : )

 Did you know that today is "National Tooth Fairy Day"?

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