Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Rough Day and Laura And Lindsey Come Through Again

DeBary, FL.

69 deg. mostly cloudy, SW wind @ 8 mph.

Forecast = Mostly cloudy with isolated showers. Highs around 82°F. South southwest wind 13 to 19 MPH, gusting to 28 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 50%. Precipitation amounts less than one tenth of an inch possible.

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for Jim. It started out with he and Linda going to Winn Dixie to rent a "Rug Doctor" machine and taking it over to the house. Not too long after they got there, Laura and Lindsey arrived to help.

Again, Laura and Lindsey saved the day!! They were great!! Lindsey helped Jim move the furniture and Laura did most of the rug cleaning!! Even with all that help, Jim's back was bothering him quite a bit by the time they were done cleaning the carpet. : (

By about 1:00 or so, all the carpets were cleaned and Laura and Lindsey headed back home. Jim and Linda stuck around for awhile while a couple floor fans and 3 ceiling fans dried the carpet. Once they were mostly dry, Jim and Linda took the rug machine back to Winn Dixie and then headed back here to rest.

After returning here, Jim sat and relaxed for awhile and then took a nap. He must have been really tired because he slept for almost 2 hours!!!! : O

After his nap, his back seemed to be feeling quite a bit better. : )

For dinner Linda made a delicious ham casserole and heated up some rolls that they had brought home from the restaurant. Then, they both watched TV, read and fooled around with the computers until bedtime. 

Today, the plan is to head back to the house and work on putting up some of those curtains that Linda bought. Once that's done, most of the furniture can be moved back to where it belongs.

Both Jim and Linda again want Laura and Lindsey to know how much they appreciate all the help. Without them, all of this would have been much more difficult.


A Point to Ponder : Even when you have pains, you don't have to be one.

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