Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Cleaning, A Potluck Dinner and A Little Music

Deming, NM.

41 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 79F. Winds from the WSW at 5 to 10 mph

Jim was up and busy cleaning the inside of me before Linda even woke up. He cleaned the bathroom, shook out the throw rugs and swept the floors and had it all done by about 9:00.

It wasn't a real thorough job of cleaning, but lets face it, we're going to be in the desert for the next week or so, and I'm sure there'll be a lot more dust and sand getting inside of me during that time. ; )

Being that they had signed up to go to the potluck at the park Clubhouse, Linda put together a green bean casserole and partially cooked it in my oven after she got up and had her breakfast. Then, after lunch, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed into town to mail a form to the bank and scope out a place where I could get into to get a drink of #2 diesel.

They mailed the form and found a truck stop at the West edge of Deming where I can get that drink this morning, when we leave here.

Yep, that right. We're leaving here already this morning. I sure wish we could have stayed longer, but as most of you know, plans do change. : (

Also after lunch, Jim tightened up my alternator belt. It was squealing a little at times when my engine was first started. It didn't take him long to snug it up and soon he was done and inside, taking a nap. ; )

About 5:00, Linda finished cooking the casserole and then about 5:45, she and Jim took CLT and headed over to the Clubhouse.

From what I understand, the potluck was a great success and there was more food than could be eaten. Quite a few people attended and Jim and Linda said they thought everyone enjoyed the meal.

Then as an added bonus, a group started playing music after the meal. There were 5 in the group and they played and sang a wide variety of songs. They must have been pretty good because I could hear the clapping way over here at my site. ; )

About 7:30 Jim and Linda came back here, watched some TV and then went to bed after the news.

Did you know that Leprechauns are the official shoe makers of the fairy kingdom?

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