Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maricopa To Quartzsite and Boon-docking

Quartzsite, AZ

41 deg. clear, no wind

Forecast = Clear. High of 79F. Winds less than 5 mph.

Well, they must have installed a new tower or something since Jim and Linda were here the last time because I'm able to get on the Internet. I only have a weak signal. and it's very slow, but at leas I can do a little posting.

We left the John Wayne RV Ranch near Maricopa at 9:55 and took Rt. 84 west for a few miles until it connected with I-8. Once on 8, we continued West until we came to Gila Bend where we turned North on Rt. 85. After about 35 miles, we came to I-10 where we tuned West again and followed it to Quartzsite, AZ.

Once in town on Business I-10, Jim ;pulled me into a Pilot station and bought me a drink of #2 diesel fuel. I wasn't real thirsty, but at $4.38 a gallon, it cost quite a bit to fill me up. : (

After stopping for my drink, we went back to the center of town and turned North on AZ Rt. 95. We followed it for about 5 1/2 miles and then turned off on Plomosa Rd and the Plomosa short term boon-docking area.

It was 1:30 when we got here, so it took us 3 hours and 35 minutes to travel 172 miles and stop for my drink.

After registering and getting a paper to put on my windshield, (no charge), we went about a mile farther East where Jim pulled me off of the road and out into the desert!!!

After pulling out into the desert for aways, Jim got out and checked out the area and decided on a spot to park me. Then he unhooked CLT from the back of me, and turned me around and backed me onto the spot he had chosen.

The main concern was to get me positioned so that the sun wasn't shining into my windshield during the hottest part of the day.

I still don't know about this Boon-docking thing. I made it through the night OK without draining my batteries too much, but soon Jim will have to start my generator again to get them charged up for the day.

So far, he has run my generator for about an hour at dinner time, so that Linda could use the stove, and another hour just before they went to bed.

Oh, we were treated to a pretty nice view of the sunset last night. There weren't many clouds, but I like the silhouette effect. ; )

Did you know that the saguaro cactus blossom is the official state flower of Arizona?. The white flower blooms on the tips of the saguaro cactus during May and June. The saguaro is the largest American cactus.


  1. We boondocked there for 10 days two years ago. Enjoy the peace and quiet and gorgeous sunsets. ~wheresweaver

  2. We parked Tawanda for a few days without hook up when we stayed in Gin's folks new house. We had to run the generator a couple of hours a day to keep the batteries charged up even though we didn't use anything. The residential fridge used up the batteries faster than I thought.
    Enjoy the beauty of the dessert not to mention the peace and quiet.

  3. We're anxious to try both boondocking & the 'Q' someday :)


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