Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wandering Around Texas Hill Country

Boerne, TX.

57 deg. overcast, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly cloudy in the morning, then partly cloudy. Fog early. High of 77F. Winds less than 5 mph.

CLT, (Cute Little Truck), got a workout yesterday. You see, Jim and Linda decided that they wanted to wander around the area and see if they could find some scenic roads.

So. . . . . about 11:00 they took CLT and headed West from Boerne on Rt. 46. The first town they came to was Bandera. There, Linda spotted a quilt shop called, "Gone Quiltin'" that looked interesting, so they went in to look around. It was a neat place and Linda found a few gift items.

While they were talking to the owner of the quilt shop, they mentioned that they were looking for a place to get lunch. Well, the owner knew just the place. : ) It was called "Sparrows", and without the lady's directions, CLT said they would never have found it.

You see, it's about a block off of the main street, and in a building, that you would never think housed a restaurant. The only sign is a sign over the door and unless you're right in front of it, you wouldn't even see it.

From what I understand, it was a neat place where they served mostly sandwiches. Jim had a roast beef sandwich, (that he said was excellent), and a cup of chicken and dumpling soup. Linda had a ham sandwich that was very good and a cup of excellent broccoli cheese soup. Then, as they were paying the bill, they noticed some home-made brownies, so they bought a few of them to bring back here. ; )

Being that this place is off the beaten path, I'll give you the address so you can find it if you ever come to Bandera and want a light lunch. Its at 1307 Mulberry Street, and it's just over a block East of Rt. 16, which is the main street in town.

From Bandera, they headed West on Rt 16. When they came to Medina, they spotted this little store.

It's called the "Apple Store" and it's a combination gift shop/ bakery/ restaurant!!! They have all kinds of locally made gift items, a small bakery and a restaurant at the back of the store.

Again, Linda found a few small gift items to buy. : )

Rt. 16 from Medina to Kerrville is a designated "scenic route", and Jim and Linda were not disappointed. The photo below shows just one of the many scenic views that they saw along this route. CLT says that there were hills and valleys, twists and turns and beautiful homes and ranches all along this route.

From Kerrville, they got onto I-10 and brought it back here to Boerne. It was almost 4:00 by the time they returned.

Both of them said that they really enjoyed wandering around "Texas Hill Country" yesterday and will definitely do more wandering if they come back to this area. ; )

Did you know that today is Jim and Linda's 27th wedding anniversary?

Happy Anniversary, Jim and Linda

For all you family members, Jim and Linda want to know, do you remember the fog?  : )


  1. Happy anniversary to Jim & Linda!! Enjoy celebrating this special day.

  2. A happy 27th to Jim and Linda. See ya down the road.

    Stay Safe

  3. Happy Anniversary you two!! May you have many many more happy days together!

  4. Only 27? Newlyweds . . .we're going on 36. You're on road fulltiming before us though . . .so we'll just call it even I guess.

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary Jim and Linda. Where are you heading? Are you going to the Rally. We've been managing this RV Park and have been so busy we haven't been able to go anywhere. Getting ducks in the row so we can join the full-timers as soon as we can. Took this job for the experience. Found out we already know most of what is needed. Bob and Wanda Fry


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