Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Change of Plans and More Trees

Crescent City, CA

48 deg overcast, no wind.

Forecast = Partly cloudy in the morning, then clear. High of 54F. Breezy. Winds from the NW at 10 to 20 mph.

Well, the plans changed again!!!! We're still in Crescent City and it wasn't until about 8:30 yesterday morning that I was informed of the change!!! : (  You'd think because I am their main source of transportation to different parts of the country, I would not be the last to know!!!!!

OK, I'll have to admit though, it was probably just as good that we didn't leave here yesterday. The weather was just plain nasty with light to medium rain and fog that lasted all day!!

Being that the weather was nasty, there's not much to blog about, so I thought you might enjoy some more photos that Jim took of the Redwood trees in the Jedediah Smith State Park.

Being that the weather was so nasty, the only time anyone went outside was when Jim went up to the office to pay for another day's stay and then in the afternoon, he took CLT and went to a grocery store to pick up some bread.

Today, I think we're really going to leave here and resume our wanderings. It's overcast now, but they're calling for partly cloudy skies later on.

Did you know that May is National Barbecue Month?

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  1. Uh, Emery's your gonna have to drive in the rain in Oregon in the spring.......... I don't think it ever really stops raining up there! So go on and get those tires wet!!! LOL.....


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