Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Dinner At Jeff and Heather's and Other Stuff

Portland, OR

53 deg. clear, no wind.

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Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

Friday, Jeff came back out here to the park again for awhile. The weather was very nice so he and Jim spent an hour or so sitting outside, talking. It seems like those two never run out of things to talk about. ; )

About 5:00 he left and headed back home and then about 6:00 Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to his house for dinner.

Below is a photo of Jeff and Heather's house. It's like 2 houses built together. (I think they call it a duplex, or something like that.)

Below are a couple of photos of Jeff and Heather working in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Jeff has lots of food allergies and can't eat many things, (including anything that has gluten in it), so he and Heather made a crust-less quiche  and a salad.

Both Jim and Linda said that it was very good and enjoyed the meal.

Of course the best part of the whole evening was being able to get together and spend time with them. ; )

Yesterday Jeff and Heather were busy, (and they will be today also), so Jim and Linda decided to go to the grocery store after lunch.

It had been a long time since they had made a major shopping trip, ( I think it was Crescent City, CA.), so they were about out of everything.

By the time they had all the groceries put away it just about time for the NASCAR race to begin, so they both sat down and watched most of it. (between cat naps).  ; )

Oh, do you remember when I told you that there was going to be a repair man coming to look at my electric steps and my awning on Saturday morning? Well, he never showed up!!! : (

The repair place that Jim called has changed owners since he had them come here to the park to work on Myrddin back in 2008, and evidently it's not important for them to keep their appointments or to even call.

 So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  Just before the race started yesterday, Jim went to the office and asked if they could recommend a mobile repair service. Well, the nice young lady in the office gave Jim a business card of a repair place that she said that they had had good reports about.

Jim called them late yesterday afternoon, and they promised that they would be out here to check out my problems at 9:00 Monday morning.

Some of you my be thinking that Jim should have given the first repair place another chance. Well, Jim used to have a small service buisneess when he and Linda lived in a stix and brix house, and he says that there's no excuse for just not showing up. If the repair place would have called  and said that they were going to be late or couldn't make it, it would have been different. But to not show up or call puts up a red flag about the whole attitude of the business and he doesn't want someone like that working on me.

Did you kow that  the Carnation is the flower that is associated with mother's day? The red carnation meant to honor moms who are alive while white carnation is to honor a mom who has deceased.

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