Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catching Up Part 2

This a continuation of the previous post. I'll try to get some photos posted at a later date.

The Reunion Day 5

Yesterday morning, (Thursday), Jim went outside and gave CLT (Cute Little Truck), a bath!!!! He’s been following along behind me through all kinds of weather and Jim said that CLT was so dirty that he was embarrassed to be seen driving him!! 

He sure looks spiffy now though!! ; )

About or so, Jim and Linda headed over to the reunion and spent some time visiting with Linda’s sister, Nancy. After visiting and having lunch with her, she left to do some business and Jim and Linda took CLT and headed down to Baraboo, WI, where they first went to a produce stand, (that they’ve been going to for the last 2 or 3 years when we’re up here for the family reunion), and bought some sweet corn, melon, peaches and kohlrabi.

Yes, that’s right, kohlrabi! Jim’s parents used to grow it in their garden years ago, and it’s one of Jim and Linda’s favorite vegetables. It’s very hard to find and this produce stand is one of the few places they have found it.

Many of you may not know what it is, but if you do a search on it, you’ll get a much better description than I can give you.  

Anyway, from the produce stand just North of Baraboo, they headed to the Baraboo Candy Company, where Linda bought a whole bunch of sugar free chocolates. (She says that they have some of the best).  

From there, they went into Lake Delton and stopped at the Market Square Cheese Store, where they bought cheese, summer sausage, and ice cream cones!! ; )

After all that shopping, they headed back here, put all the groceries and food away, and took short naps before heading back over to the reunion for dinner. 

After dinner, there was more visiting before coming back out here to the CG for the night.

Oh, if you’re interested a recipe for Kohlrabi, here’s the one that Linda uses. 

KOHLRABI  IN CREAM SAUCE                                         Vegetables/Cabbage
                        (Not really cabbage , but in the family.   Esther Wichtendahl Smith
                        It means “cabbage turnip” in Italian.)
1 raw kohlrabi
½ cup water
Salt and pepper
2 tbsp. butter
1 tsp. flour

1.  Cut off ends.  Slice meat of Kohlrabi into sauce pan.  DO NOT USE WOODY CENTER.  Add water, salt, pepper, and butter.  Cook till tender.
2.  Tip pan.  Push vegetable to uphill side of pan.  Add  flour.  Stir it into the liquid  Add more if not thick enough.  Add water or milk if too thick..  Toss vegetables with sauce.

            (Serves 2.)

The Reunion Day 6

Not a whole lot to report on for Friday, (day 6). Jim and Linda went over to the reunion in the morning but came back here right after lunch. It seems that everyone had plans of  one kind or another, like going to the Casino, going shopping or going down to the Wisconsin Dells to go on rides and attractions.

About , Jim and Linda went back over there, had a nice meal with the family and visited until around . 

The Reunion Day 7

Nothing special happened to report on yesterday, (Saturday). Glenn’s daughter, Mary, and her family had to leave early in the morning, but that was OK because everyone said their good-bye’s to them the evening before. 

Some of the adults and all of the kids went to see movies in the afternoon, but by dinner time, they were back and enjoyed another very nice meal. Then after dinner, most of the people played games and visited.

Today, everyone who is still here will meet at a restaurant for breakfast. Then they will go their separate ways and head for their homes. Jim and Linda will come back here and start getting me ready to travel, and then tomorrow, we’ll leave and head towards Moscow, IA to get my jack repaired.

Oh, and just one more thing.

Happy Birthday Linda!!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!! ; )

07-23-12 Saying Good-Bye and Getting Ready

About yesterday morning, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed to Mauston and the Oasis Family Restaurant. By the time they arrived, some of the other family members were just arriving too, and in a short while, everyone was there.

There were about 18 people, so it took the restaurant awhile to get them seated and awhile to prepare the breakfasts that everyone ordered, but that gave everyone one last chance to visit.

Then, it was time to say good-bye.  L

So, after lots of hugs and handshakes, everyone got into their vehicles and headed home.

By the time Jim and Linda returned here, it was close to , and they were still talking about how much they enjoyed the reunion and how good it was to see everyone again. : )

Jim and Linda spent the rest of the day getting me ready to travel.

Today, we’ll head towards Iowa. We’ll probably stop at an RV park that Jim and Linda have been to before that is just this side of Dubuque. Jim says that if he remembers right,  they have nice long pull-through sites and he thinks he’ll be able to leave CLT hooked up behind me.  

I’m hoping that we’ll have an Internet connection there, so that I can get some of these last 8 or 9 days worth of blogs posted.

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