Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mail, Papers, Groceries and #5

Ahmeek, MI

52 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs around 79 inland to around 73 at The shore. Light winds.

Had a small thunder storm go through here yesterday morning, so it kind of delayed Jim and Linda's departure. If you remember, they were to go and pick up their mail at the post office and then check their voicemail to see of those papers were ready to be signed.

Well, with the T-storm going through, it delayed them just long enough that if they had left right after the storm was over, they would have gotten to the post office while it was closed for lunch.

So, they waited here for awhile before heading into town.

Once into town, they checked their voicemail and found out the papers were ready, called Linda's sister, Nancy, to check on a few things about the family reunion, picked up their mail and then headed to Calumet to sign the papers.

After they were done with the papers, they headed to the IGA grocery store and bought some groceries that they'll be needing for the reunion and also some items to replenish things they had used out of my cabinets and refrigerator.

By the time they returned here to the CG it was mid-afternoon.

After they got some of the food put away, (I still don't know what they're going to do with all the food they bought to take to the reunion),  Linda baked some cakes and cupcakes for the reunion. After they were done and cooled, she put them in my freezer and will get them out next week when needed.

By the time the cakes were done, it was time to eat dinner, so Linda got out the potato salad and heated up the chicken that they had bought from the store deli. That along with a few chips made a nice quick meal.

After dinner both Jim and Linda fired up the computers and worked on them until # 5 came along.

Yep, that's right!!!! We had another pretty sunset last night. Again, nothing spectacular, but the colors were just beautiful. Jim's little camera couldn't really capture all the different shades of pink, purple and orange, but I think you'll get the idea of how it looked on this photo.

Once the sun set, there were still some pretty colors in the sky, but nothing that Jim could capture on his camera. : (

Today, I think that Jim and Linda are planning on taking CLT and checking out some "scenic drives" in this area.

I hope Jim takes some photos. ; )

Did you know that the average underwater visibility of Lake Superior is 27', making it easily the cleanest and clearest of all the Great Lakes? Underwater visibility in some places in the lake reach a much as 100'.

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