Monday, July 9, 2012

Comments, Almost Everyone Left and 4 In A Row

Ahmeek, MI.

55 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs 72 to 77. Light winds.

Before I get too involved with today's post, I'd like to comment on a few comments that I've received lately.

I wish we could continue East from here and stop by the shipwreck museum. Jim has wanted to see that for many years, (since he saw a special on it on PBS), and we'd really like to head over to the lower part of Michigan.  But from here, we need to head down into Wisconsin for Linda's family reunion and then into Illinois for the rest of the summer.

Jim and Linda did take CLT and go on the Brockway Mountain drive 2 years ago when they were here and are planning on going on some of the other scenic drives this week.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, they're really appreciated.

Now, back to today's post!!! : )

Jim and Linda didn't do much yesterday. Kind of just kicked back and watched all the RVs leave the CG. Evidently most of them were here for the Holiday and they have to get back to their jobs today. Right now, there is only 1 other RV, (a travel trailer), in the section that I'm in and there's only 3 tenters across the road in the whole tent section.

It sure did get peaceful and quiet after all of them left yesterday afternoon. ; )

Had another pretty sunset last night. (that makes 4 in a row). It wasn't spectacular, but it's always interesting to watch the colors change as the sun goes below the horizon.

Oh, and Jim did take a few photos of the beach here yesterday afternoon. This first photo you're seeing what the coast looks like to the right.

This one is looking off to the left.

As you can tell, the shore is all rocks here, so hardly anyone goes into the water. I understand that there is a sand beach somewhere close by where people can go swimming.

Today, Jim and Linda's mail should be at the Post Office in Ahmeek, so they'll need to go and pick that up. They'll have to check their voice mail once in town, (no cell phone service out here at the CG), but they may have to drive down to Calumet, MI., (a small town about 5 miles South of Ahmeek), to sign some papers that their financial advisor is sending up here.

Then, as long as they're in Calumet, the plan is to go to a grocery store and start stocking up on groceries for the Family Reunion, plus pick up a few regular items that they're out of.

That should pretty well fill up their day! : )

Did you know that the annual average snowfall for the northern part of the Keweenaw Peninsula, (where we're at now), is between 220 and 250 inches? (Depending on how far north you are and the elevation).

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  1. Good thing you're not planning to stay for winter. :)


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