Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alternative Resources, Drivers License and Dinner With Judy

Sioux Falls, SD.

78 deg partly cloudy, S. wind @ 3 mph.

forecast = Sunny in the morning...then becoming partly cloudy. Highs around 94. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph becoming west in the afternoon.

Jim and Linda got their mail from Alternative Resources on Monday, found out what papers they needed to get their drivers licenses, drove up to the Cummins / Onan place and made an appointment for me on Thursday, found a Hy Vee grocery store, and then came back here and stayed inside where it was cool.

Oh, and they did get my registration, but it was messed up with some wrong numbers on it, so had to be taken back to Karen at Alternative Resources yesterday. That was OK though because the drivers license place in right next door and it didn't cause a big problem.

Getting their license at the DMV went quite smooth and in about an hour they were out of there and headed over to see their insurance agent, Gina Shaver, at Epic Insurance.  Gina has been their agent since they moved here to SD back in 2001 and the few times that they've had a claim, she has been right there to help. She also represents multiple insurance companies and always checks with all of them to see where they can get the best deal.

The visit this time was to go over their policies and do a little upgrading on a few items. CLT said that they were inside the office for almost an hour talking and going over their policies.

By about noon, they were back here enjoying my air conditioning.

About 3:00 or so, Judy called. She's a fellow Full-timer and blogger who has a bog called Travels with Emma and is here in Sioux Falls to get her drivers license renewed also. But, if you go to her blog you'll see that she had some problems and will have to come back at a later date.  : (

Anyway, She had read my blog and realized that she would be here the same time a we were, so she contacted Jim and Linda and made plans to go out to dinner when she got here. So. . . . when she called, plans were made to go to a Cracker Barrel which is just about a mile from here, and also about a mile from where she is staying.

When Jim and Linda came back here after the meal they were still talking about what a nice time they had visiting with her. She had stopped by the CG in Rantoul, IL last year while passing through the area, so this is the second time they've met. Once again, it seemed like they had seen each other just a few days ago, and the conversation flowed freely.

It's like that with Full Timers, you know. ; )

After they came back here, Jim and Linda watched TV and played around with the computers until bedtime.

Today, they'll go back over to Alternative Resources to pick up my registration and then go to their bank to take care of some business. Then tomorrow, they'll take me up to the repair place to see if they can get the fuel leak on my generator repaired.

Did you know that in 1865, the U.S. military established Fort Dakota in present-day downtown Sioux Falls, attracting waves of settlers? Railroads ignited the Dakota Boom of the 1880s, causing the city's population to swell to nearly 11,000.


  1. We're paying attention to what you're going through with the SD licenses etc. We are still in a toss-up between Alternative Resources in Sioux Falls SD or My RV Mail in Crestview Fl. It may come down to what time of year we actually sell the house. It sounds like one stop shopping in SD. Stay safe.

  2. I sure enjoyed our time together. Maybe next time I can meet Emrys! :)


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