Saturday, July 23, 2011

Linda's Day, Groceries and Getting Ready

Sioux Falls, SD

74 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Partly cloudy. Isolated thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Highs around 91. South winds 10 to 15 mph becoming southwest in the afternoon. Chance of rain 20 percent.

Jim let Linda sleep late yesterday. After all, it was her birthday and what better way to start it? After she got up and ate something, she and Jim took off in CLT for the Hy Vee Grocery store that they had been to before. They didn't need a lot of groceries but they needed some essentials and they did buy a cake for Linda's birthday and a few other goodies for her to enjoy. ; )

Before Linda got up, Jim was outside checking my tires, fluid levels and in general getting me ready to travel.

When they got back from the store, and were finished putting away the groceries, Jim took a nap and Linda put in a load of laundry. After Jim woke up, he went outside and dumped my black and gray water tanks, added some water to my fresh water tank and put all the hoses away.

For dinner, Jim offered to take Linda to a restaurant but she decided that she wanted to just cook a light meal here and have a nice big piece of that chocolate cake that they bought. ; )  The evening was spent watching TV playing with the computers and reading.

Oh, and Linda wants to thank all the folks that sent her Happy Birthday wishes. She really appreciated all the comments and emails. : )

Today, we'll start heading towards Moscow, IA where I have that appointment at HWH on Monday. I don't think we're traveling very far today so we won't be leaving very early.

Did you know that Jewel Cave is the third-longest cave in the world. More than 120 miles of passages have been surveyed. Calcite crystals that glitter when illuminated give the cave its name.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to Linda. I'm glad you enjoyed it Your Way.

  2. Happy belated birthday Linda! Hope things go well with the HWH repairs.


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