Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Official!! I'm A South Dakotan!!!

Sioux Falls, SD.

69 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Partly cloudy. Highs around 83. East winds 5 to 10 mph becoming southeast in the afternoon.

It's official!!! I'm finally licensed in South Dakota and have an official address!!! ; )

I was getting worried because on the 17th, my temporary license ran out and I've been sitting here in the CG with absolutely no official home!!  If  for some reason Jim and Linda wouldn't have been able to get me registered in SD, I wouldn't have been able to go out on the road and I'd have had to just sit here in this park forever!! : (

After Jim and Linda picked up my registration at Alternative Resources, they stopped at a store called, World Market. CLT said that they had all kinds of stuff in the store and lot of it was on sale. Anyway, Jim and Linda went in and when they came out, they had a chair to use at my new desk, (they had been using one of my folding kitchen chairs), a hamper to put in the bathroom to put dirty clothes in, along with a very nice looking 2 1/2 quart plastic pitcher to replace the glass one that had gotten broken the other day when it fell out of my cabinet when we went around a corner and hit a bump at the same time. : (

This morning Jim and Linda will be taking me over to the Cummins / Onan repair place to get the diesel fuel leak on my generator repaired. I've found out that he also wants them to check out my alternator because he doesn't think its charging the chassis batteries properly.

I'm hoping that all of this doesn't take too long because they don't have anywhere to plug me into electric at the shop. My main concern is the food in my refrigerator. The fridge will run off of the batteries / inverter for quite awhile but it would be better if I was plugged in or my generator was usable.

Did you know that Sioux Falls was the boyhood home of Minnesota-born actor Richard Widmark?


  1. Congratulations...your new tag looks good on you ;-)

  2. Congrats!! Great state to belong to!!

  3. So Emrys, are going to be scared of Lester the mechanic down in Florida just like Myrddin was??

  4. Congratulations Emrys, you're now officially a card carrying (or in your case a license plate carrying) member of the fulltime RVers club. Looking forward to seeing you, along with Jim, Linda, and CLT somewhere down the road.


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