Friday, July 8, 2011

Utica, IL to Lake Delton, WI and CLT Has A Problem

Lake Delton, WI.

63 deg. scattered clouds, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Patchy fog early in the morning. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 80s. West winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 20 percent.

We left the CG in Utica about 10:45 and after getting back to I-39, followed it around Rockford, into Wisconsin and up to Portage, WI. From there, we took I-90 up here to Lake Delton, which is right next to the Wisconsin Dells.

It was 3:15 when we pulled into the Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park so it took us about 4 1/2 hours to travel the 179 miles up here.

OK, now I suppose you're wondering why it took us so long to travel those 179 miles?

Well, CLT had a little problem.

As we were coming through Madison, WI. Jim looked in my mirrors and noticed pieces of rubber flying out from behind us. Then, a truck driver along side of us started flashing his lights. Right away Jim and I both knew something was wrong, so he pulled me over onto the shoulder of the road and got out to check.

Yep! CLT's right rear tire had blown and was completely shredded. : (  Jim  went right to work, changed the tire, ( he had to put on that dinky little spare) and in just a short while we were back on the road. In just a few miles, we came upon an exit were there was a T/A Truck Stop so Jim pulled me into there, parked me in one of the truck spots away from the pumps and buildings and unhooked CLT from the back of me. After cleaning up a little, he took CLT and went in search of a tire store.

As we were coming off of the expressway, Jim and Linda noticed a Goodyear sign so he headed there first. Well, they sold mostly commercial tires and didn't have CLT's size but the salesman called another tire store in the area, found out that they had the proper size tire, and soon CLT was on his way to GCR Tires, which is actually a Firestone store.

CLT said that the men went right to work on him a soon as Jim pulled him into the shop and in about 20 minutes he was on his way back to the T/A Truck Stop where Linda and I were waiting.

So, that's why it took us so long to get up here to the Dells area. Don't know what caused CLT's tire to blow but we had some very rough roads around the Janesville area and I suppose that could have caused it. I guess we'll never really know.

The Country Roads Motorhome and RV Park seems like a very nice park. Jim and Linda have been here before, and think it's one of the best parks, for the money, in the Wisconsin Dells area. The people in the office are very friendly and after Jim checked me in, the lady took her golf cart and led me to my site.

I always like it when they do that. : )

I'll be staying here for the next 7 nights. The way it sounds, Jim and Linda will be taking CLT and going to see the rest of the family every day, (starting this afternoon). They're staying at a Lodge near here and from what I understand have all the facilities to prepare meals, gather together, and sleep the 30 or so family members who will be staying there.

It must be a big place. 

As I learn more I'll be sure to fill you in. I'm sure Jim will be taking some pictures and I'll try to include some of them here too.

Did you know that Wisconsin Dells has been a tourism town for over 150 years?

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  1. Sorry about that tire!! Glad you discovered it in time before anything serious might have happened.


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