Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reunion Days 4 and 5 and Finally Some Photos

Lake Delton, WI.

55 Deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Sunny. Highs in the mid 70s. East winds 5 to 10 mph.

Didn't post yesterday, so now I have to catch up a little.

Jim took this photo of Laura, Anna, Linda and Ashley at the lodge so I wanted to get it on here so you could see the proud Grandma with her Daughter and 2 Granddaughters. ; ) 

Monday, Laura and the girls helped Linda with the dinner for everyone. They made a chicken casserole, corn and a peach desert. It must have been pretty good because most of it disappeared.

Tuesday, Glenn and Jeanette stopped by to see me. Glenn is Linda's brother and Jeanette his wife. They live in River Falls, Wisconsin, which is not too far from the Minneapolis / St Paul area of Minnesota. By their comments, I think they liked me. They stayed for about 1/2 hour and sat and visited with Jim and Linda.

Since Jim finally transferred the pictures that he had taken to the computer, I'll post a few more here today.

The picture below is of Glenn and Jeanette's son, Ed, his wife Michelle and their son Thomas. They also live up in River Falls.

This next picture is of Jeff, Addison, Beckett and Mary, (who is Glenn and Jeanette's daughter). As you can see, Mary is about to bring an addition into the family. ; )  

They also live in River Falls, so Glenn and Jeanette have all of their immediate family close by.

Yesterday was kind of sad for Linda. Laura and the girls had to head back down to Illinois so that they can catch their flight back to Florida today. They were only here for a few days and of course Linda was wishing that they could have stayed longer.

We should be seeing all of them  this fall though, so it won't be too long till she sees them again.

I've got some more pictures to post but I'll save them for tomorrow.

Did you know that the Wisconsin Dells area has an estimated five million annual visitors?

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