Friday, November 25, 2011

A Great Feast and Thanks Marv and Inez

DeBary, FL.

56 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.

Forecast = Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 70s. East winds 10 to 15 mph.

It was about 10:45 when CLT took Jim and Linda, (and the "Arctic Salad" that Linda had put together), over to Marv and Inez's house. Marv and Inez are Laura's, husband's parents, and they live about 14 miles North of here in De Land, FL.

Every year, Inez, (pictured below getting dinner ready, (in her "Pilgrim costume"), cooks a huge turkey and all the "fixens'" and has the whole family over for a great feast. Since Jim and Linda have been full-timing and coming down here to Florida in the winter, Marv and Inez have invited them to join them during both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

What great people!! : )

This year, and many years in the past, Lindsey, (Laura's husband), has baked a ham and brought it over to supplement the turkey. Here, Lindsey is carving it in preparation for the meal.

While Lindsey was carving the ham, his brother was carving the turkey. In the picture below, you can see Ashley and Laura patiently waiting for the food to be ready, so they can get the drinks ready for everyone.

When these pictures were taken, some if the people were outside on the deck and others were sitting around one of the tables, so Jim didn't get a shot of everyone.  CLT says that he thinks that there were about 14 or 15 people there and one of Lindsey's brothers and his family couldn't come this year. : (

Anyway, it sounds like everyone had a great time and enjoyed a great meal. : ) 

I know Jim and Linda want to thank Marv and Inez for including them in their family celebration. It's so nice of them and Jim and Linda really appreciate being included.

About 4:00 CLT brought Jim and Linda back here to the park. They had so much to eat earlier that they just snacked a little for their evening meal. On their way back home, Laura and Lindsey stopped by for a few minutes. I had never met Lindsey and so Jim gave him the "tour" of the inside of me. ; )

After they left, it was TV until an early bedtime. ; )

Today, Laura is off work and if she has time, will probably come here for awhile. Jim and Linda have some shopping to do, but I don't think that they'll be doing much of it today. Neither one of them enjoy being out with all the "Black Friday" shoppers.

I hope all of you loyal followers had a great Thanksgiving. Please be careful if you're "out and about" during this busy season. Some of the people out there are thinking about the upcoming Holiday season and aren't thinking about their driving.

Did you know that the Pilgrim leader, Governor William Bradford, had organized the first Thanksgiving feast in the year 1621 and invited the neighboring Wampanoag Indians also to the feast?

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