Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping, Eating and The Park

DeBary, FL

55 deg. clear, no wind.

Forecast = Partly sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds 15 mph.

Jim and Linda decided to some Christmas Shopping yesterday, so about 11:00 they headed out. CLT said that their first stop was at Walgreen's to pick up a few items, (not Christmas presents), then on to a gas station to get him a drink of good old 87 octane. (Also not a Christmas present). ; )

From the gas station they went to Kohl's store where they evidently had a lot of success finding what they wanted to purchase because when they came back here, they were carrying shopping bags filled with gifts.  : )

On the way back here to the park, they stopped at a little restaurant called the "DeBary Dinner", for lunch, I understand that they've been wanting to try it out for quite awhile but haven't had the chance in the past.

So, how was it? Well, Jim and Linda feel that they need to go back again sometime to give them another chance. First of all, when they got there, it was lunch hour and the place was packed. Then, they were having problems with some of the equipment in the kitchen, so quite a few of the menu items were not available. The waitresses were doing the best they could and were very nice, but it took a long time to get the food and Jim could not get what he really wanted. : (

To their credit, the food that they did get was very good and well prepared. I'm sure Jim and Linda will stop in again and give them another chance because they've heard nothing but good things about the restaurant.

Jim got his camera out and took a few pictures of this park. This first one is of the sign at the entrance.

Right after you come into the park you see the office off to the right. That little white car is parked where RVs are supposed to park when they first come in.

Off to the left is the Swamp House Grill. Their dinning room overlooks the St. John's River and is kind of neat.

After you pass the office and the Swamp House Grill, you go across a little bridge before coming to the Clubhouse on the right. This is where they have all the activities like pot luck dinners, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners, New Years Eve Parties, card games, bingo and other activities.

About a block past the Clubhouse, is where my site is. I'm just off of the main road and am tucked back in between a permanent RV on my left and another MH on my right. The site isn't real big, (not many of the sites in this park are very big), but it's big enough and really doesn't feel crowded.

There's a nice cement patio for the picnic table with plenty of room for lawn chairs and Jim's bike, the site is nice and level and there's a nice big tree to the rear of me that gives me nice shade during the hottest part of the day.

There's also a pool and a fishing pond in this park and of course access to the St John's River. I'll see if I can get Jim to take some pictures of them in the next few days. : )

Did you know that on this date in 1890 the Navy defeated Army by a score of 24-0 in the first Army-Navy football game? The game was played at West Point.

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