Tuesday, November 1, 2011

North Carolina to Virginia

Virginia Beach, VA.  Tuesday 11/01/11

52 deg. rain.

Forecast = becoming sunny this afternoon, breezy high temp. 61 deg.

We left the Dickens RV Park on Monday morning about and once back to US 1, we took it up to the Raleigh area where we joined up with US 64. 64 runs around the SE side of the city on the “outer belt loop” , which is also I-40 and I-440. Once to the East side of the city, US 64 heads in a NE direction and crosses I-95 near Rocky Mount, NC.

At Rocky Mount, we turned North on I-95 and followed it up into Virginia and to Emporia, where Jim pulled me into a truck stop and bought me a nice drink of #2 diesel.  : ) 

Then, from Emporia, we headed East on US 58 until we came to I-64. We then followed 64 around the South side of the city until we came to I-264, where we again turned East and followed it into Virginia Beach and to the Holiday Trav-L-Park, which is about 3 miles South of I-264.

It was by the time we pulled up in front of the registration office, so including my fuel stop and a quick pit stop at an I-95 rest area, we were on the road for 4 hours and 40 minutes and traveled 236 miles.

This is a huge park with hundreds of sites but it’s not crowded at all this late in the season. It’s about 20 minutes from Joe and Nancy’s house and seems very nice, except for one thing.

I don’t have an Internet signal!!!!

Can you believe it? Right here in a highly populated area and I don’t have an AT&T signal!!! In fact, Jim and Linda only have 1 or 2 bars on their cell phone!!!

Now, they do have wi-fi here at the park, but I’m guessing that you have to pay extra for it. Jim says that he’s going to check, but doesn’t know if he wants to do that or not.

So, my posting of this blog may be hampered somewhat. I’ll have to wait and see what happens and post whenever I can.  

Last evening CLT took Jim and Linda over to Joe and Nancy’s for dinner. Jim and Linda said that between the trick and treaters they had a very nice meal and got caught up on some of what’s been happening since they were last here this spring.

Hey!!!! I just got a signal back, but it’s only one bar so I’m going to see if I can get this posted.

I’ll post again, when I can.

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