Saturday, November 19, 2011

South Carolina To Florida and Kind Of Embarrassed

Callahan, FL. Saturday 11-19-2011

50 deg. scattered clouds, light N. wind.

Forecast = Mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Highs in the lower 70s. Winds east winds 10 to 15 mph.

It was another day of mostly I-95, traveling from Yemassee, SC. to Callahan, FL., and it only took us 2 hours and 55 minutes to travel the 169 miles down here.

We're now back here at Kelly's Countryside RV Park where we stayed at just over a month ago when we were heading North. The trip down here was uneventful except for some very gusty winds from time to time that kept me and almost every other RV on the road on the edge of our tires.

OK, I guess I'm going to have to tell you.  I've been putting it off because I'm kind of embarrassed about needing still more repairs, but you're going to find out sooner or later.

I have to go back to see my mechanic in Lakeland. : (  Yep, I've got two problems that need attention and they both need to be addressed before we head to the RV Park near Laura's.

First of all, that engine alternator that was taken off and rebuilt is not charging any of my batteries when my engine is running. Like I've discussed before, that's not a big deal unless Jim needs to run my lights and a bunch of electric 12 volt things while we're traveling. And even then, he could start my generator and run it to charge them. 

But, Jim and Linda paid good money, (and quite a bit of it), to have the alternator rebuilt, and it should work!

The second thing is my Aqua Hot furnace / water heater. It works fine on electric, but the diesel burner will not light and in fact blows a fuse every time Jim tries to start it.

Now, it has an electric heating element, which has provided hot water and heat, but when the weather gets too cold, (below about 45 deg.), the electric element will not keep up with the demand of the furnace. In that case, Jim needs to run electric heaters inside of me to supplement the furnace.

This has not created a problem so far, but if temperatures get down to freezing or below, it could become one.

So. . . . . .Jim called Lester and he was able to squeeze me in on Monday. Again, our plans have changed and from here in Callahan, we'll head down to Lakeland tomorrow so I can be there when they open on Monday morning.

Then, we're hoping that the repairs can be made quickly so we can get to the CG near Laura's in time for Thanksgiving. In fact, Jim has reservations for me starting Tuesday at the Highbanks Marina and Camp Resort that will more than likely have to be changed.

Hopefully, they'll work with him and it will be OK if we arrive at a later date.

Did you know that on this date in 1954 two automatic toll collectors were placed in service on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey?

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  1. I'm not too sure that embarrassed would be the correct way to describe that further repairs are needed. It seems like every time you move a motorhome, you need to take stock of what was broken in the process. Fixing these things up are kind of like that big drink of #2 diesel. Its just the cost of moving from point A to Point B. Its the cost of the activity in which we choose to partake... Your lucky that you have Lester and his crew to take care of all of this in minimal time, and probably minimal expense too as compared to folks that don't get the job done right the first time.... JMHO.


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